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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Processing has analyzed China's cosmetics and the difference between foreign OEM < p> 2018 - generation processing cosmetics 10 - 17 10:01:31 < / p> on the market positioning and word of mouth, the domestic cosmetics low-end market, brand is not tall, but foreign cosmetics factory quality, higher quality requirements, in the mature industry, reputation is guaranteed, a lot of big cosmetics for generation of processing production abroad. Lower the production cost of domestic and foreign OEM production, the processing cosmetics in China has 30 years of development, can say is gradually mature stage, the free competition market transparency. Wenzhou, for one, from semi-finished products processing to packaging material filling to label sign, a full set of process even the small plant is not trying to do it, the processing of cosmetics factory here in wenzhou, from the purchase of raw materials to semi-finished products packaging design, packaging design, the code in the emulsifying filling equipment factory equipment, are everywhere, the raw material manufacturers around the countless home, complete ecological platform, human to logistics is not expensive, is the right place, right time and completely. We have cooperated with foreign factories, abroad to provide the raw material, we can produce. Production abroad, your thinking about more. Trademark registered abroad company, and looking for a generation of processing, cosmetics factory also worry about export into the country, factory labor cost and packing cost is higher than the domestic side, the packaging same specification comparison also have different, so the packaging material and don't write specific prices, domestic imports when time is long, registered trademark after returning to abroad, trouble. Second foreign OEM production are much more trouble, trouble here because the domestic cosmetics factory can do everything for you to do good, abroad over there if you don't have a person to do a lot of problems for communication trouble docking, the somebody else industrial-grade chemical raw material inspection, industrial and commercial registration more than domestic normal, also different process, packaging material delivery time, brand outsourcing design time, domestic's new village, difficulty level abroad, import and export tariffs on the one hand, cargo customs will be a long time. The processing returned to the question, the Chinese cosmetics and what is the difference between foreign contract? In fact, there is no difference in the process, the difference is not big, the cooperation process, cut into parts, ground up a trademark registration contract requires both at home and abroad, the domestic some local abroad to registration of trademarks, industrial make-up semi-finished products chemical raw materials, are the same but higher than domestic prices, packaging material cost too higher than domestic, the arrival of the goods packaging materials production cycle is long, domestic transportation more convenient, abroad to China imported cosmetics is basic, the land and sea cosmetics chemical reagent, dangerous goods can't air freight, customs inspection, this time the general 15 days or so, the whole process in a conservative estimate for the first time cooperation to 3 months time, no know is no good. The biggest difference is the amount of time and cost, is that the benefits of foreign contract quality reliability is higher than domestic. If you want to brand packaging, overseas offshore company registration, trademark registration in the name of the company, thus become the foreign brands, with foreign brands in the domestic registered trademarks, countries to find co-packer to do early, cycle shorter, cost reducing and foreign brands, the practice of dog meat. If you don't need foreign brand packaging, can choose the processing at home and abroad cosmetics factory, under the condition of the low price to ensure quality.
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