Processing: cosmetics production enterprises how to implement the responsibilities for product quality tracking

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-28
Processing: cosmetics production enterprises how to implement the responsibilities for product quality tracking < p> cosmetics processing - 2018 07 - 19 10:47:38 < / p> the following simple analysis cosmetics production enterprise should be how to implement the responsibilities for product quality tracking: one is the enterprise shall establish a system of adverse drug reactions monitoring report cosmetics, and specify the specialized agencies or personnel responsible for the management. Find anything involving cosmetics health quality and adverse reactions of complaints should be detailed records, according to the original information and investigation. For cosmetics products processed health complaint handling quality problems or bad reaction, all the conclusions and the measures taken shall be recorded in detail, and in addition to the corresponding batch production records. A significant health quality problem or sell products in cosmetics production significant adverse reactions, should report to the local food and drug regulatory department. 2 it is found that the cosmetics hygienic quality problems or defects, could pose a health hazard to the human body, cosmetics production enterprises should quickly and take timely action. Recall of the product should be noted, including name, batch number, specification, quantity, and address, reasons for the recall and recall unit date, processing, and separately stored in a secure place, waiting for the decision. Recall of cosmetics for sanitary quality reasons, should be timely treatment. Cosmetics production enterprise should formulate the return and recall of written procedures, and records, including name, batch number, specification, quantity, returns, and recall units and address and date, recall, processing opinion. Producers of nonperformance legal obligation to recall, according to the State Council on strengthening food product safety supervision and management of special provisions of article 9 of the regulations, shall be ordered to recall of the manufacturing enterprise, the seller to stop selling, to the production enterprise and be fined value 3 times, and to the seller concurrently be fined 1000 yuan and 50000 yuan; Thereby causing serious consequences, licenses revoked by the original license issuing license. As the cut tariffs on imports of cosmetics, Chinese cosmetic processing market will be more clearly & other; Open & throughout; 。 And this process, will also backward, the excess capacity, reversed transmission upgrade China's cosmetics industry. If a big heart quality inspection & cosmetics enterprises other HeiBang & throughout; , may & other; Devil, details & throughout; 。 Cosmetics companies also should strengthen self-discipline, and attach importance to the long-term development of enterprises, attaches great importance to product quality and safety, improve enterprise's production of hardware, management level, professional level can be in an impregnable position. Cosmetics production enterprise must comply to the wise.
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