Principle of the 'four' fashion trend analysis to conquer women consumption

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-25
Principle of the 'four' fashion trend analysis to conquer women consumption < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 12 - 10 16:40:31 < / p> no matter what is retail trends, women know and understand the user behavior and preferences, for all the brands are especially important. In the era of the electricity, the brand is to have more opportunity to get and know his female users. Adjust measures to local conditions to adjust their product structure and marketing strategy, to overcome the fort women consumption. Wenzhou cosmetics factory: four & other; Fashion & throughout; What is the trend? What is the principle? Through household visits, questionnaire survey and data analysis method, wei teng MAX found the women consumer market presents the big four & other; Fashion & throughout; Trend, respectively is: beauty makeup products detonation products, the mass consumer goods overseas online shopping, domestic beauty makeup brand growth, the designer brand niche. How to understand the four trends? They have internal logic? Wenzhou - cosmetics factory - - - - - - Trend: beauty makeup products detonation product users through content about beauty makeup product & ndash; — Good content recommendation can make beauty makeup the detonation product & ndash; — High speed wire rod city and hot style for the influence of consumer stronger & ndash; — In this process, the strong relationship between chain can promote purchasing decisions. 1. Content assist product out & other; Audition & throughout; The beauty makeup product sku number show explosive growth, wei teng MAX, according to data from the big beauty makeup sku now has over 80000. Users in the face of so much sku, too dazzling. Consumers time and patience is limited, can't one by one to understand, at this point, content becomes the key to transfer product information, only good content can squeeze, bring the product to consumers. Consumers heavily rely on content recommendation, that they can get their habits in content? Study found that: the content of the electricity and content community has become an important access to the content of the consumers, 58% of users will focus on electricity content recommendation information, such as taobao evaluation area content; Meanwhile, 45% of users will also focus on content of the community to provide product information, such as microblog beauty makeup product information, etc. Wenzhou - cosmetics factory - - - - - - Second trend: the mass consumer goods overseas online shopping in the past three years, overseas online shopping consumer product growth is rapid, the average annual growth rate reached more than 230%. Consumer goods and society as a whole the annual growth rate of only 50%. Why overseas online shopping consumer product development in recent years is so strong? Overseas import tariffs, cross-border business at home and abroad, the development of cognitive is overseas online shopping consumer products use contrast strong growth of the three major reasons. Since 2015, overseas mass consumer goods import tariff cut to 6 year by year. 9%, and there are more and more category to enjoy good policies of tariff cuts. This means that & other; Import & throughout; The wind blew strong. The cross-border electricity 10 years of development has been very mature. Cross-border electric business platform and traditional electric business platform of cross-border business development is good, consumers have more channels to buy consumer goods abroad. Wenzhou - cosmetics factory - - - - - - Trend three: domestic beauty makeup brand growth, according to the data in 2018 Vipshop beauty makeup sales done in 52% of products for the domestic beauty makeup brand; In the same category, for all age groups of the growth of the domestic beauty makeup is more than the overall growth rate category; The young stage of users against the stronger the brand growth, such as brand for after age 90, after 95. Thus it can be seen that young women consumer groups for the favour of domestic beauty makeup high degree & ndash; — They are more concerned about the product, rather than the brand's reputation. Can remove acne, can desalt blain to imprint, how fast can the effect & hellip; … These are the efficacy of concern to them. In other words, whether a cat, catch mice are good cat. Whether big or domestic, have the effect is good product. In addition, is expensive or not is what they value. Domestic brands in price is generally lower than imported brand, for this group of young women economic ability is not so strong, become an important factor they consider buying cost performance. For domestic brands, if you have stable product efficacy, so big to catch young people focus on marketing: focused on the content of a certain effect, choose young groups generally prefer love beans in form, small pure and fresh, two dimensional elements, and into more innovative gameplay to communicate with them. After marketing campaigns directed against 90, 95 after the group. Wenzhou - cosmetics factory - - - - - - Trend 4: designer brand niche problem is bothering designer brands: collection only, not to buy. The study found that consumers for designer goods there are the following views: price is too low, style unique, decision cost is too high & hellip; … Because use low cost performance scene is too narrow, for example, some scenes of designer clothes to wear is too little, the price is not low; Decision cost is too high because there are few friends recommend, few celebrity endorsements & ndash; — Don't know the product reputation, performance, such as don't know the quality is good, so did not dare to adventure. Therefore, women in household consumption occupies a decisive influence, family daily consumption decision basic user master by women. The female user's preference for online shopping category is include fashion, clothing, cosmetics, etc.
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