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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-25
Prevent bask in zero burden enjoy nature innisfree natural care day care sunscreen < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:50:37 < / p> summer, love beautiful girls tend to be for the fear of the sun but hate gooey sunscreen instead of outdoor activities, in order to keep fair and curtilage at home all day long. Innisfree natural care day care sunscreen is a containing eco - Cert certification sunflower composition of water embellish sunscreen model, the composition of sunflower and jeju island of pure green tea water can protect skin health is not easy to damage by uv, effectively block the ozone layer to the injury of the skin, make everyday bask in zero burden, relaxed and enjoy the nature. <时尚>。 product_inf ul li { 宽度:32%} < / style> innisfree natural care day care sunscreen SPF35 PA++ details product pictures ( 143). Graphic tips ( 35) < ! - - - - - - - - - - - - The trial report ( 8) - - - - - - - - - - - -> < p class = 'linkbtn> published tips < / p> < p> product introduction: innisfree natural care day care sunscreen SPF35 PA++ < / p> < p> reference price: 70 RMB < / p> < p> product specifications: 50 ml < / p> < p> green brands: South Korea NO. 1 brand of naturalism, innisfree innisfree was founded in 2000, always adhere to the green environmental protection of the beauty of true kindness, starting from the intravenous drip, committed to build a real green brand. Innisfree dream green living is not serious naturalism doctrine, obscure and hard to understand, but let every one of us can be relaxed and happy to enjoy the nature, love nature of healthy living. < / p> < p> in June each year in China and South Korea and other Asian countries and regions synchronous launched a limited edition of the handkerchief environmental protection, let us this year and innisfree spokesperson lee min-ho and allowed to act together to urge you to use a handkerchief instead of paper towels, with a handkerchief environmental habit, care for every precious trees, tree to cool the earth. < / p> < p> yellow hose packaging adhering to innisfree consistent concept of green environmental protection, wide flat shape + 50 ml packing single hand grasp just right. Nozzle size, convenient and extrusion. The other fine texture and easy to push away. < / p>
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