Powder and powder, the difference between the two and calm makeup effect

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
Delicate and perfect bottom makeup is the girls are eager to have, powder and powder as indispensable in the process of every female makeup product, you need to know their properties. Honey powder and powder are also known as a base, to absorb excess grease, reduce oily face, and fixed the role of makeup look, although very similar but to brush the effect is different. General powder is thin and transparent, with after makeup face is clean; Than the powder fine, there is no block defect of function, but can oil absorption. Powder with block defect effect, can let makeup look get distillation, and it is used in powdery cake after further calm makeup, can make skin more transparent nature. Difference between powder and powder: although powder and powder is used to calm makeup, the difference is the flaw that cover face powder can also be used to, on the function, the powder to be more perfect than the honey. And the characteristics of the powder is more clear. After use makeup face is clean, sweet pink than powder fine without block defect of function, but generally speaking, there are oil absorption function. And now sweet pink color number some more, than the powdery cake in terms of skin is better. Is cover with powder, can also be used as the sublimation of makeup look. And it is with further base on powdery cake, can make skin more fully nature. In oil and sweat after makeup, with oil absorption paper first absorb grease, powder makeup with excellent results. Powder and powder calm makeup effect comparison: want to accuse oil relaxed and optional powder base powder is composed of delicate tiny powder, quality of a material is relatively light, daub is on the face will be more relaxed, show the makeup look is very natural, not rigid, can effectively play the role of containment and calm makeup, cosmetics manufacturer and powdery cake is cake block solid, after makeup will appear a little thick, powder calm makeup than relaxed. Want to block defect effect to choose powdery cake base powder and calm makeup powder, the biggest effect is a base, although there are whitening block defect, but there is no obvious effect, and powdery cake is truly block defect, modification, containment, sunscreen, etc multiple effect, can calm makeup not only, also can effectively block defect, more suitable for spotted skin on his face.
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