Popular science time 丨 you can know which cosmetics is in the fridge?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
A lot of fairies, cosmetics in the fridge, constant temperature environment, better quality of cosmetics, what do you think can cosmetics in the fridge? Do you know about the cosmetics can in the fridge?

about whether cosmetics can put a refrigerator, XJ today Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM/ODM cosmetics manufacturer to popularize it, whether cosmetics can put the refrigerator, in fact, there is a lot to discuss, basically see it belongs to what type? Some can put, others can't. Such as these can put a refrigerator cosmetics:

1, perfume: summer to the fridge, perfume spray up and have a cool effect, perfume at low temperature can also save more for a long time.

2, preservative-free skin care: do not contain preservatives to protect skin to taste in the fridge can protect environment, generally do not contain preservatives to protect skin to taste shelf life is short, if not can put the refrigerator after opening, make its not easy outdated.

3, aloe vera gel or eye cream: aloe vera gel or eye gel is perfect for refrigerator, and use it every time you are cooler, if not careful sunburnt skin, cold after the aloe vera gel is after sun soothes products, cold eye gel can eliminate dropsy.

can't put a refrigerator in the cosmetics, the main ingredients with oil of cosmetics in the low temperature solidification, like Morocco, scalp massage oil, oil facial oil, liquid foundation, such as olive oil, this kind of product the fridge will be solidified, so should not be stored in the refrigerator, cosmetics containing wax components also doesn't fit in a refrigerator, such as wax, wax can harden or thickened in low temperature.

as a fairy, so for the sake of our beautiful and beauty, must not blind! !

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