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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-04
Policy formulation department luxury consumption tax is imposed unfounded < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:27 < / p> related policy making departments in our reporter an exclusive interview made it clear that how to determine the definition still need scientific consideration, luxury goods has released some media 'the luxury consumption tax is imposed' wrong recently, some media gradually spread 'the luxury consumption tax is imposed in China' message, the reporter interviewed related policy making departments dedicated telephone authorities. The person made it clear that this statement is not exact, recently won't have related policy. The analysts said, appear the rumours may be associated with the reform of the consumption tax that is research and discussion, which does not rule out media have understanding deviation. He stressed that tax policy is a sensitive issue, related to the vital interests of people, if not no hard according to rumours of clarification, adverse to guide consumption, adverse to the correct macro policy also. The introduction of a consumption tax in 1994, a total of 11 tax on products, and can be divided into four types: the first is excessive consumption will be on human health, social order, caused harm to the ecological environment of the special consumer goods, smoke, wine, firecrackers, etc; The second type is a luxury, daily necessities, such as valuable jewelry, cosmetics; The third class is high energy consumption and high-end consumer goods, such as cars, motorcycles, The fourth class is non-renewable and replace petroleum consumer goods, such as gasoline and diesel. With the development of the society and people living standard rise, 10 years ago was identified as a luxury or some products has become a general people of necessaries of life necessities of life, like the shampoo in the skin care and hair care products is still in a 8% consumption tax, while some emerging luxury and high-end consumer behavior, but has not yet been added to the scope of the consumption tax. In view of this, in recent years, academic and policy-making departments have been paying close attention to the change of consumption tax base, and determine the direction of the tax reform, namely expanding the scope of the tax, adjust the related tax items, put the tax levy, and reduce has confirmed that do not belong to the necessities and the tax rate of high-grade consumer goods, so that the consumption tax to keep up with the pace of The Times, fully reflects the consumption tax to adjust the consumption structure, guide the direction of the consumption function. The consumption tax has two functions, it is to raise revenue, the second is to adjust the consumption structure. Ten years, the consumption tax policy has made some local adjustments, but on the whole little change, so, some tax items do need to adjust, but not just for luxury goods. Some influence environmental protection products such as batteries, disposable plastic bags, etc, can consider to impose consumption tax rate of cosmetics ( Now is 30%) Will also be necessary to reduce. As for some excise taxes on luxury goods, is necessary and reasonable in theory, but the first thing to consider when making policy collection problems, if collection difficulty is too big, established relevant policy effect is not ideal. Luxury consumption tax is imposed over the use of rich people, therefore, is studied and discussed the problems, made no mention of the related policy agenda immediately. The source further illustrates the reform direction and progress of the consumption tax to the reporter. Journalists on how to put some luxury goods included in the scope of consumption tax levied interviewed some experts and scholars, they think, this is a very necessary to explore and difficulty is big problem. Is very necessary, because it reflects most of the people, also accord with the purpose to set up the consumption tax that regulate the consumption structure and behavior. And luxury exactly how to define, in which link, how to really need to carefully, scientific consideration. Yao Changhui source: China business news
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