Plastic cosmetics container design should pay attention to what aspects?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
The current packaging industry category variety, plastic cosmetic containers with its cheap, norms diversity, not easily broken advantage is applied to a variety of industries, such as plastic cosmetics container product design need to pay attention to what aspects? Improvement of living standards and consumption consciousness awakening make travel time trend, as a result, the plastic cosmetics container design also need to consider the use of specific location and its relationship with environment and conditions, gives plastic cosmetic containers with different characteristics, make the design into a predetermined target market. Such as plastic cosmetic containers can be opened after can drink ( The form of cans is common) In order to go out, also do not need another cup, plastic cosmetic containers materials can choose to the bad conditions of use and the environment. Plastic cosmetics container directly interact with people, its modelling design should accord with the requirement of man-machine engineering, including physiological, psychological and information sensing, design has the affinity, the container modelling of agreeableness, better use. For example, in the cap design around some raised points or lines, can increase the friction force is easy to open, especially in the palms sweat wet also easy to open the can. Plastic cosmetics container size, weight, should accord with the general requirements for a physical person, such as the diameter of the cans size not too big, will weight appropriate capacity, so that on the one hand grip. Good cosmetic plastic containers in addition to realize the basic function, also should have clear instructions function design, different plastic cosmetic containers modelling there should be a clear difference, if use hand to knead and by hand grasp the modelling of cannot be confused. Through the change of the structure, modelling, colour and skin texture and contrast, the formation of visual language hints and guidance, when necessary, also can design some accessories, in their own form language very clearly convey plastic cosmetics container operation mode. Liquid soap container export design, for example, should make the person is in use for the first time, can determine how to operate, is to press or rotation, should be in clear form semantic give hint and guide. Requirement of plastic cosmetic containers shall also have certain display the function of the goods, plastic cosmetic containers can usually by shape and color is bright and clean appearance or transparency, information to conduct a comprehensive display of goods. Plastic cosmetics container design again should also pay attention to the sealing effect, you can add a seal on the bottle cap to achieve enhanced sealing effect. 421. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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