Plastic containers litter will cause environmental pollution

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-19
Cosmetic plastic containers good chemical stability, toxicity, health and safety. The lid of the drug can make insurance cover or pressure cover, and anti-counterfeiting mark and so on. Plastic packaging containers on the downside, with static electricity, the surface easy to pollution, litter can cause environmental pollution, recycling more difficult. Currently on the market of cosmetic bottle cap with plastic and composite material, comparison, lu: su composite material of the sealing is better, the cover body is more beautiful, is the preferred bottle cap for many high-end cosmetics. Lu: su composite material of the cap is aluminous model integration branch comes into contact with the liquid in the bottle, so often used 1060 aluminum foil for cosmetics bottle cap with aluminum base material, thickness are generally at 0. 17mm - 0. Between 5 mm. Cosmetics container with aluminum bottle cap in a high degree of automation production line processing, so the strength, elongation rate of 1060 aluminum foil are very demanding and dimensional deviation, otherwise it will produce rupture or crease when processing. In order to ensure the cap forming after printing to the $1060 cosmetics bottle cap with aluminum foil material surface smooth, no roll marks, scratches, and blotch. Because cosmetics use aluminum cap material demand is higher, the current domestic market do less mature aluminum processing manufacturers, for distribution in the market at present, henan ming-tai aluminum industry co. , LTD. , market share is bigger, occupy the cap material market share of more than half, and have obvious growth trend, with advantages and good market reputation wins the favor of cover cosmetics manufacturer. Plastics are the main features: a, density is small, higher than strength, can obtain a higher rate of packed, namely 'unit mass of packing volume or packing size. Two, most of the plastic good chemical resistance, good acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to all kinds of organic rong agent, placed for a long time, without oxidation. Three, molding easily, and the required shape energy consumption is lower than metal materials such as steel. Fourth, has the good transparency, easy coloring. Fifth, has good strength and unit weight of high strength, impact resistance, easy modification. Sixth, the processing cost is low. Seventh, insulation. 499. HTML keywords: cosmetic bottles manufacturer, cosmetic plastic containers, cosmetic containers
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