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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-02
Phosphorus in washing supplies is expected to be years local standard come on stage < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:16 < / p> < p> phosphorus in cleaning products of Shanghai local standard is expected to be introduced years < / p> < p> the municipal environmental protection bureau yesterday afternoon, common at the municipal economic commission, the municipal association of chain operation of phosphorus in environmental science research institute held a catharsis things in Shanghai advance will work. Municipal association of chain management calls for each big supermarket stores on February 1, no longer sell phosphorous washing supplies, the municipal environmental protection bureau to prepare properly with standard of this city of phosphorus. There are 21 response washing supplies production and sales units. < / P> < P> phosphorus detergent pollution water quality < / P> < P> P, n is the nutrient of some algae in water. Phosphorus detergent generally use of phosphate fertilizer, according to different function of detergent, phosphate content is also different, generally between 20% ~ 60%. In the 1990 s, scientists found that the phosphate fertilizer will cause the eutrophication of water quality, emissions of phosphate in detergents for eutrophication effective phosphorus contributed up to 50% ~ 60%. Eutrophication of water experience cause algal blooms, serious lack of oxygen, water cause fish death. < / P> < P> Shanghai not only belongs to ring in taihu lake basin, and is located in the Yangtze estuary and hangzhou bay waters protection. In recent years the city has built a large number of sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment capacity increasing. But Shanghai nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in water body is relatively outstanding. The existence of the eutrophication problem has become the bottleneck of further improve the water environment of the city. < / P> < P> detergent products into a blind area < / P> < P> at present, the Shanghai court major supermarkets, store sales of the mainstream of the civil synthetic detergent is synthetic detergent, phosphorus only account for about 5% ~ 10%; The proportion of industrial detergent with phosphorus is also declined dramatically. < / P> < P> reporter yesterday visited Shanghai at random a few supermarkets, in ruijin, reporter saw 2 of a supermarket shelves four brands of detergent powder are marked with 'P' or 'no phosphorus formula' logo. Supermarket, a staff member told reporters today supermarket in detergent are all without phosphorus. But the reporter also found that some detergent, detergent, collar net products such as did not indicate whether the phosphorous in the product description. < / P> < P> 21 companies respond to 'lock-up' < / P> < P> Hu Wenzhang city supermarket chain management association secretary-general issued initiative at the meeting, supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and wash chain since February of this year is no longer sell or use higher than the national or industry standard phosphorus washing supplies. There are 21 new-developped well-known supermarket chain enterprises and wash chain unit's representative sign the initiative. < / P> < P> composed of supermarket representative said that the supermarket has already stopped phosphorus detergent product approval work. From minhang district MaQiao Town Peng Du village communist, xuhui district is healthy streets ShouXiang fang rc representatives also communicate with green civilization community created as an opportunity to use issued publicity materials, forming a volunteer service initiative more citizen action, and no longer the laundry detergent with phosphorus. < / P> < P> in addition, the municipal environmental protection department, said the timely launch of phosphorus in the 'regulations' in the city and the catharsis things phosphorus control standards, to further strengthen the city's water pollution prevention and control work. < / P> < P> < / P>
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