Phoenix grass (cosmetics generation processing: South Africa Dense Luo Mu) The effect of

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
Today XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing small make up take you understand tour - skin rebirth - - - - - - - - - - - - Phoenix phoenix grass close Luo Mu in South Africa, also known as South Africa grass, native to the mysterious African desert plateau, it is the only can a resurrection of woody plants, even more than ten years of dry lack water, with only a drop of water can restore vitality within 24 hours. 50 years witness the tenacious of life, legendary challenge the limits of life! In the vast continent of Africa, there are six months of the dry season, when the dry season came, the life of the green vegetation is few, are looking forward to the coming of the rainy season in dying. When the rainy season the first drop of phoenix landed in South Africa on grass, only the time of day, it all dry leaves slowly begin to turn green, the breath of life. It can be resurrected because contain the following elements of mystery, add it to our products, also have various effect on human skin. 1, gallnut polyphenol: protect the skin lipid oxidation, let the cells can keep the flexibility and elasticity. 2, trehalose, protect skin cells from drought damage. 3, collaborative active ingredient: osmotic balance in cells and extracellular environment, reduce the cell damage. The effect of dense Luo Mu verified by science, has the following benefits to the human body during 1, dehydration to protect cell membranes. 2, prevent skin lipid oxidation. 3, single use activation skin for up to 48 hours. 4, supply the water for dry skin, strengthen the fragile skin barrier, five, make sensitive skin back to life, improve skin texture. So the dense Luo Mu skin care products actually recognize not recognize? Dense Luo Mu is actually a favorite of many luxury brands, such as armani black keys XJ series Beauty was established in 2006, the company factory area with beautiful environment, plant area of 10000 square meters, 2015 XJ Beauty enterprise through the one-time 'GMPC and ISO22716 certificate' of the United States. Production workshop environment completely in accordance with GMPC certification requirement of construction, the company with a number of modern production line ( Automatic production line for mask) , many sets of advanced international and domestic emulsion, automatic filling, sterilizing, inspecting and testing instruments, with all kinds of cream, shampoo, beauty makeup products production conditions and ability. We strictly implement the quality system at the same time, according to the requirements of American 'GMPC and ISO22716 certificate organization daily the whole process of production, every team with qualified products, on the market for different regions, different types of customer satisfaction. Contact phone number: 13602489362
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cosmetics solution cosmetic design is slower than eyeshadow manufacturer but has a number of special applications, such as for makeup solution.
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