Pay attention to millennial consumption, and always adhere to quality

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-22
Experts pointed out that predicting millennials (Current age 18 ~ 35 years old) China 15 ~ 40% of the 70-year-old urban population. China's millennials will become the dominant force in the consumer market and the most influential consumer group. Moreover, compared with others, millennials who pay more attention to enjoyment pay more attention to product quality and brand when consuming. For this reason, well-known domestic cosmetics manufacturers are actively carrying out product innovation and upgrading according to the needs of consumers. There are not a few successful cases of dealers opening their own factories, but how many are there? Over the years, Liyan biology has given numerous well-known brands a solid skill support with its advanced equipment, innovative skills and affirmation of production quality, the best products will be dedicated to customers, and all unqualified products will be delivered in quality. We have always insisted on winning with quality and rewarding new and old customers with zero defects. Our top skill development and formula distribution research and development technology team, the construction of Skills Development Center, engaged in bioengineering skills, Skin Pharmacology, cosmetic materials, Formula composition and other special seminars, with a product development department, test Room 1, test room 2 and other professional functional departments. Advanced production equipment, strong skill support, a variety of sophisticated formulas, high-quality imported materials, the production of pharmaceutical standards, to avoid external pollution of products, to ensure high-quality product output. As a highly professional cosmetics OEM brand enterprise, it has become an urgent need for these brands in the selection of cosmetics OEM and cosmetics OEM cooperative cosmetics processing plants, as early as the time when the production methods of cosmetics OEM and cosmetics OEM were not yet ready, Guangzhou Liyan Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. had already stationed the cosmetics processing factory in Guangzhou city of China with great foresight, it has become the first batch of professional cosmetics OEM and cosmetics ODM manufacturers in Guangzhou, and is still the most popular pharmaceutical cosmetics OEM/ODM manufacturer in China, now it is a lot of big-name cosmeceutical cosmetics OEM/ODM collaboration manufacturers. Faced with the competition situation that cosmetics OEM wins by quality, Li Yan's biological cosmetics processing is not limited to cost, and gives priority to ensuring product quality in the face of profit and quality. That is to say, Li Yan biological cosmetics processing factory will guarantee the quality with a high cost of cosmetics production, and certain cooperative merchants will be able to sell high-quality products, satisfy the needs of consumers and improve the reputation of their own brands, promote the long-term development of both sides.
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