Party want to find a more appropriate cosmetics manufacturers, so to understand these questions

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03

all know cosmetics market profit is high, so a lot of industry wants to enter the cosmetics industry, the processing is usually the way of cosmetics manufacturers cooperation, create a belong to your own brand. So, as a party looking for cosmetics brand generation process should pay attention to? XJ Beauty professional cosmetics on generation of processing for 25 years, conscientiously do a good job in research and development production, welcome each big brands to review and understand.

a, how to choose the cosmetics manufacturers?

1, understand the processing cosmetics manufacturers processing hardware strength

may be from the production workshop, production equipment, production capacity on comprehensive assessment of a cosmetic generation of processing enterprises, for example, the cosmetics manufacturer of the production workshop purification standard is how much? 100000 grade, 200000 grade, 300000 grade, etc. , which belongs to a level, whether meet the requirements of their own production, because in some skin care cosmetics on the generation of processing production, is have strict requirements for the degree of workshop clean. At the same time, the production equipment can achieve their own production capacity requirements? Within the prescribed period of time if you can complete the cosmetics manufacturer commissioned by his generation processing tasks? There is a way, the processing is to cosmetics manufacturer factory visit, can proper understanding to the actual situation of a factory, the production workshop, staff work, service level, etc.

2, understand the processing cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer service case

a lot of enterprises have wechat business customer, electric business, beauty salon, customer service is the case, through the actual cosmetics generation of processing service case, see the company provides solutions for customer service. XJ Beauty has 3000 + brands provide a generation of processing services, want to see any case, there are reference case.

2, need to understand the cosmetics generation processing fee structure!

cosmetics generation processing production, will involve the issue of cost price. This problem is cooperation both sides to care about the problem, through detailed discuss the communication, will get a accurate quotation. This stage is the most important job is to communicate, accurate description requirements, and solicit opinions of the cosmetics generation processing factory.

cosmetics generation processing fee structure, generally reflected in custom packaging materials, raw materials procurement and processing, and processing service fees and other fees ( Including detection, logistics distribution, etc. ) On. The processing according to their own cosmetics positioning, product positioning in the high-end, the packaging material and body material quality nature not bad, processing the price will be high; Instead, it is cost-effective cosmetics generation processing solution!

brand party want to find the right cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer? Do you have the question to know? Welcome to consult our XJ Beauty, guarantee to your satisfaction.

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