Packaging problems to be paid attention to in production

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-23
Recently, many customers who want to do cosmetics oem have left a message on the official website. I am surprised that some people have asked me what the cosmetics manufacturer is, today, I will tell you what is the oem of cosmetics. At the same time, I will give you some common packaging problems in OEM production. We must know that we must do a good job in every process of oem, because every process we can take into account the quality of our products if we are not careful. What does 'OEM' mean? The so-called 'OEM' refers to the brand goods sold by the production client. Solve the troubles or meet the needs of those enterprises with sales strength but no productivity. For details of 'OEM', please refer to the introduction in 'OEM commissioned production. Whether to undertake processing entrustment from non-cosmetics enterprises, of course. Cosmetics companies are the main enterprises entrusted to our company for processing and production, and other enterprises include salons, brewers, health food manufacturers, import enterprises and farmers. Even industries that have nothing to do with cosmetics sometimes accidentally produce epoch-making goods. We are always waiting for your consultation or negotiation. How many days can be delivered, depending on the number of products or batches, the delivery time will vary. Please contact us for details. When OEM entrusts processing, what needs to be prepared by the entrusting party? When OEM entrusts processing, the most important thing that needs to be prepared by the entrusting party is undoubtedly the concept and conception of the product. Introduction in 'cosmetics OEM, entrusted processing undertaking WEB. There is no specific cosmetic concept. These are the common problems of our cosmetics oem, but there are also many people who don't understand the packaging problem of oem. Because the most problems in oem cosmetics are the packaging problems. First of all, we need to know what is cosmetic packaging, packaging materials mainly include cosmetic bottles (Glass bottle, plastic bottle, acrylic bottle), Bag (Mask bag, eye mask bag, aluminum film belt, etc), Box (Single box, box) In the process of cosmetics production, packaging problems are often encountered. Let's briefly introduce some common problems in cosmetic packaging/containers. 1. Printing problem: the printed text and pattern are unclear; Printed text, patterns and design drafts are inconsistent; The product name and specifications are not clearly indicated. 2. The cosmetic outer packaging format does not meet the national requirements and standards. For example, the state stipulates that the cosmetic outer packaging should clearly indicate the full name of the manufacturer, production license, hygiene license, certificate, health makeup standard, implementation standard and QS. Regardless of domestic or imported products, the outer packaging of the product must have Chinese characters. 3. The name and specification of cosmetics, the name and specification of the product inside and outside the product are prone to non-correspondence problems. 4, cosmetic container capacity, cosmetic container capacity and labeling specifications vary greatly, such as the estimated packaging capacity of 50 ML, the actual packaging capacity of 30ML or 70 ML. 5, the package is not complete, such as a cream bottle consists of bottles, lids, hand pads, boxes, inner trays, labels, etc. , to ensure that the package is complete. 6, the quality of cosmetic packaging materials is uneven, such as the bottle is easy to break (Especially the transportation process) Poor sealing is easy to leak side, and the appearance deviation of the packaging material is too large. Suggestion: the packaging process of cosmetic processing manufacturers should be followed up layer by layer, check and check each production link, communicate more and test more, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and loss. The cosmetics OEM factory has accumulated strong technology and proprietary knowledge in the rich experience of cosmetics production in the past, which can transform the abstract ideas of customers into achievable specific requirements. The personal feeling of what I told you today is not very comprehensive. If you want to know, go to our official website to find out other questions.
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