Overseas cosmetics generation process is not necessarily better than the domestic cosmetics generation processing

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
Simply speaking, China's cosmetics OEM enterprise was poking fun at a larger problem, that is not standard. Not in accordance with the professional, systematic management approach, man-made order information appear problem, delay time of delivery or damage to property, false advertising, all kinds of control rules and regulations and formulate overall plan formulation. And countries due to the manufacturing industry rapid development trend, what problem is more serious, more attention will be controlled. Whether the overseas production and processing must be good? Not certain, some 'ocean daughter-in-law' water and soil defy, way of life is different from 'marriage' is not successful, why so say, exile in Japan, from the cultural and art on the habitual and similar people, have a customer looking for Japan to do production and manufacturing, one-stop services in Japan, three products are prepared ahead of time in the market in our country, 18 years before submit orders 19 years earlier this year before I got delivery, delivery cycle time is too long, the product price is 40% higher than the Chinese do goods, delivery cycle time and random strain on China's many companies did very well. Although the customers in China do goods problem under the condition of continuous, but all is some problem, error of the packaging material is tonal, make goods cycle time is long, verbally let factory business process to get to run, but the rules of the Japan there basically super abnormal condition, in order to do this shipment runs Japan in three times, many home summary said the Japanese business too inflexible, lack of spirit, less packaging glass bottle choose, finally to find a suitable, factory said basic container glass bottle is not installed, the outsourcing costs, there is still a long time, and the costs of design scheme is too expensive. After finally ready to China's production and processing. Although, there are advantages to overseas manufacturing, can do my homework overseas excellent products, to ensure product quality, in fact China skincare green ecology is more convenient and quick, the key is faster and less assets. on the generation of processing steps, in fact, many companies are in accordance with the Japanese, the Japanese production process standards, product quality and credibility are gradually improve, many Chinese companies making overseas famous international famous brand products, and the entrance, strictly control the quality of products can gain to ensure product quality, technical, the second is the product actually is easy to introduce technical, protect skin to taste about talents, in fact, more the ability of company, and the market competition of the market, talent reserve attaches great importance to by many big companies, Chinese and overseas cosmetics manufacturer generation processing difference is getting smaller. Just do some skincare brand enterprise, had better look for factories in China is relatively good, from material to material production and processing, the detailed steps involved under the professional knowledge is not in the short term to understand, so with Chinese factory production and processing experience, money into the bargain, time is precious resources. At this time if the grasp of the famous brands and products have a certain, on the development strategy to consider looking for overseas factory, do the goods overseas factories and many advantages, such as factory credibility to do homework, product quality assurance, product technical ability, etc. From production process in China and abroad in the difference is not large, overseas contrast inconvenience of China is just a few points, China well-known brands abroad manufacturing back to the Chinese market sales, transportation cost and economic costs, industrial production of skin care products chemical raw materials and packaging costs, delivery time is long.
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