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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Small cosmetic processing factory briefly non-conformance knowledge < p> 2018 - cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer 09 - 01 16:24:13 < / p> engineers studying technology in the industry is relatively small, it is generally to imitate the mature products on the market. Cosmetic processing manufacturers hope that our domestic engineers can sink down and have a good study science research and development technology, at the same time, also hope to increase support for the research and development and investment, increase the technical personnel's welfare. Also believe that our cosmetics industry through constant adjustment and development, can be more stronger! 1, in accordance with the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' regulation, sunscreen cosmetics for special use cosmetics, must obtain approval rear can production. According to the regulations on administrative licensing to accept for cosmetics, cosmetics formula or may involve the safety of other changes, shall, in accordance with the new products, new application. 2, the supervision and sampling inspection found unqualified sunscreen products the main problem is the actual detection components do not tally with the approval documents or label formula, belongs to the cosmetics production enterprises without authorization, change the behavior of the product formula, in violation of the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' cosmetics identity management regulations 'and other relevant regulations. Now cosmetics research is divided into two parts: the part is for the purpose of cleaning cosmetics, such as shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, the important raw materials of surfactant development requirements as safety, environmental protection, low stimulation, the pursuit of close to natural. Such as amino acid series of surfactant has been used much more common, in the development of good quality and price suitable products market space. Cosmetics processing manufacturers think after oil sources of raw materials will be reduced gradually, natural ingredients of surfactant will be more and more. Another part of skin care cosmetics mainly from the perspective of biological development has a certain effect of additives, developed the more distinctive products.
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