Outbreak of a fading economic recovery, are you ready to stand in the 'tide'?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02

a sudden outbreak, let 2020 doomed not to ordinary. Many people also had a long holiday, and with the hubei outside new confirmed cases of continuous decline, the overall situation is good posture.

for enterprise: resume work patterns are also open, and for some temporarily offline resume work hard enterprises, have also tried to 'cloud to return to work' to find the 'path to survival'. Everyone began to regain the shopping impulse, a yearning for a better life. Epidemic crisis even if is not completely lifted, but the outbreak a fading of the recovery file 'accelerators' gradually, the economic recovery, are you ready to stand in the 'tide'?

enterprises: to stay online to find new possibilities of cloud

as in previous years, both before and after the Spring Festival is the sales peak in all walks of life, but affected by the outbreak, this year the enterprise sudden pause button is pressed. Such as typically is: after the outbreak, food industry stores closed rate reached 70%, beauty makeup brand chain also tumbled. Statistics show: general operating performance than the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 50-2002 80%.

but more and more enterprises to look at the online, open cloud resume work mode, online to find new possibilities. Since February, according to data released on taobao, every day there are 30000 new tenants taobao, transition line. From catering, beauty makeup, costumes and other traditional enterprises from all walks of life, live with the help of taobao, taobao shop such as online sales model play a fancy 'cloud to return to work', standing in the development of a new wave of 'tide'!

consumer: usher in a wave of 'retaliatory online'

many industry can quickly find the major platform 'second spring', successful open cloud resume work mode, mainly derived from the huge demand on consumers. Epidemic prevention during the period of isolation that occupy the home, many stores closed, the major online platform meet consumer shopping is the best way. At present as to effectively control the outbreak, to return to work and production gradually developed, and the mass consumer demand has also changed.

the union immediately arrange for nearly a week of taobao economic warm newspaper data, found that people in epidemic supplies the phenomenon of hoarding supplies are less, at the same time in the shopping content of 'eat, wear, use' become more abundant, not obsessed with 'masks, disinfection supplies', can be said to usher in a wave of 'shopping' retaliatory consumption.

according to data, search the shampoo of the four times more than last month and search cleanser are about three times more than the last month, even the most untidy person, also began to wash wash face, head and go out, especially the lipstick products, rose by an average of 3 ~ 7 times, growth data is very surprising. As the 'go out' restrictions gradually let go, no doubt, become the direct reason for the surge of several kind of beauty makeup product search.

he doesn't feel it, everyone began to not wash, do not wash a face, do not make up, and only wearing pajamas 'home life' goodbye, 'pick up' gradually to a refined, sophisticated life yearning, entity shop also slowly opened, in the face of the upcoming 'retaliatory consumption', you can want to seize the 'tide' oh!

in the

from the various data, affected by the epidemic once 'frozen' economy started to recover, the new type of coronavirus disease impact on many industries in the short term, but with the outbreak of a fading economic recovery, a new wave of economic development of the 'tide' is coming, especially electricity, supermarkets have more opportunity in this outbreak.

the outbreak to XJ Beauty business online has been a new round of ascension, especially in terms of informationization and digitization. And create beauty reap the benefits of the 'size' elimination generation processing, has made the system planning in the product architecture, in addition to perfect the upgrade 'makeup shop name' repair products series, to strengthen the skin barrier function, product research and development production more heavily on the 'size' elimination, innovation launched a series of 'nanosilver antibacterial' kill product such as quaternary ammonium salt of antimicrobial, help consumers against virus infection. The next XJ Beauty will bring consumers more and more optimal cost-effective products, welcome consultation understand related business.

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