Origin of cosmetics: do you know the original has more than two thousand years ago

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04

now more and more high-end cosmetics manufacturer, the charm of appearance of natural needless to say, as for the light fragrance, can not only bring the enjoyment on the sense of smell, more can let skin and soul resonance. Its unique cosmetic ingredients, but also get the favour of women, after all can keep youth and beauty, who do not love. You know: according to historical records: the Chinese and foreign aristocrats in distant s have cosmetics has been adopted, so the cosmetics manufacturer has a long history.

the love of beauty of life is not a heart, has a 'Marie Antoinette,' said Mary, queen of Egypt and in all kinds of cosmetics, especially for the charm of the rose. Learn from ancient books and biographies: 'she has a white skin, soft hair, high nose, cleopatra love with rose bath with rose juice maintains the skin and hair, more capture lover's heart with rose fragrance. '

as early as 2000 years ago, she began to wash a face with roses, bath, is the ancestor of beauty. Even set up the earliest 'cosmetics factory' in human history, to eternal youth, so cosmetics really ancient origin.

the tenth century, popular in Persian with steam distillation method to extract rose essence oil rose petals. At that time made from more than 2000 roses to 1 gram of rose essential oil, so rose essential oil can be very expensive. In the middle ages, rose water, rose essential oil is more popular. The European aristocrats, used to rub rose water mixed white powder on the skin to carry bright color of skin.

in the 17th century, some European noble even think rose is the legal currency, visible then rose to a high value of point and monetary equivalent. In the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, not only has rose fragrance, and the roses lotion, cream, soap.

in foreign countries, the rose is so popular, so at home?

one of the four most beautiful women in ancient jade bracelet, protect skin with roses grew up to this point. Every early morning Yang Fu life attendants picking with dew in the rose garden of rose petals, for jade bracelet making tea, edible. Perennial moist with care, because rose has a beauty to raise colour, the effect such as facilitating resolve depression, jade bracelet can with white flawless skin 'once in the chosen'.

legend emperor qianlong imperial concubine, sweet queen, besides meal will eat roses, persist in mu rose bath, with rose petals mixed juice powder coated on the body, make the skin bright white tender, the body is full of roses.

and the rose earliest cosmetic products can say, now the cosmetics 'hundred flowers bloom' variety of plant extracts, is for the sake of the woman's youth face continuously upgrade. What do you want to do the processing plant extract cosmetics manufacturer? Want to do is to XJ Beauty welcome you!

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