Orange body is treasure you beauty tips

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
1. Salt taste orange juice - — Supplement energy movement after drinking orange juice, rich in fructose can quickly replenish physical strength, and up to 85% of the water can quench thirst more refreshing. Special remind orange juice squeezed good immediately after drinking, or oxygen in the air will reduce its vitamin C content quickly. Add a little salt consumption, the effect is more obvious. 2. Orange juice, discharge makeup - — Deep clean skin with a face towel soaked with orange juice to wipe the face skin, soak 5 minutes remove with clean water, can discharge makeup, and can completely remove facial dirt and grease, develop deep cleansing effect. Even sensitive skin can be at ease use. But special remind, the use of orange juice after cleansing to avoid sun exposure. 3. Orange seed mask - — Firming skin will be 2 TSP orange seeds in the blender into powder, mixing distilled water to make paste mask. Apply 1-2 times a week, can improve the resistance of skin blood capillary, achieve the goal of firming skin. Skin sensitive person can do skin test first, the homemade mask apply ear hind, after 5 ~ 10 minutes abluent, if no discomfort can be at ease use. 4. Orange petal salad - — Enhance the immune orange disc almost contains fruit can provide all the nutrients, can enhance human immunity, promote the causative agent, accelerating wound healing. Especially can complement dietary fiber. 5. Orange disc eye mask - — Supply moisture for eye sliced orange disc when the eye mask is used, press gently with fingers to help absorb, can promote the blood circulation, effective supply moisture for eye moist efficacy for a long time. 6. Orange peel massage - — Eliminate cellulite orange peel has outstanding resistance to 'cellulite' function. Take 1/4 clean of orange peel, with olive oil and then massage corresponding cellulite on the body parts, massage evenly thrusting juice, rinse off with clear water after the end of the skin. 7. Orange peel frosted - — Peeling orange peel can grind to dead skin, at the same time, it contains abundant flavonoid composition and vitamin C ingredient, also can promote skin metabolism, improve skin blood capillary resistance. The orange slices with the skin, into gauze, directly in the elbow, knee, heel rough parts such as friction, exfoliating. 8. Orange peel sachets - — Hypnosis, drive midge made sachets muslin wrapped orange peel, on the pillow next to a hypnotic effect not only, still can drive midge. In the bathroom, kitchen or refrigerator, can get rid of peculiar smell, keep the air fresh. 9. Orange peel bubble bath - — Moisturizing skin ready baked-on orange peel, and ground into a powder or cut into filaments, add right amount to the water in a pot of water for 15 minutes. The bathtub into the warm water, the water temperature to moderate, not too hot also shoulds not be too cold. The bath, add orange peel soup in the water. Light orange very pleasant fragrance, can relieve stress, the bath can reconcile free radicals, help keep your skin moist, tender, is particularly well adapted for use in dry autumn and winter. 1 the benefits of women eating oranges. The oranges taste sweet, sour, sex is cool. With thirst quenching, appetizing under help digestion, the effect of prevention and treatment of constipation. 2. Oranges can enhance immunity, it is recommended that women in the winter can eat more orange to protect delicate skin. 3. Oranges in the vitamin C content is high, has been a lot of people love to eat fruits, but for women, to eat more oranges and a divided them unexpected benefits, is to reduce the incidence of gallstones. 4. Rich in vitamin C and P content of orange, can increase the body resistance, increase the flexibility of capillaries, reduce the cholesterol in the blood. The hyperlipemia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis often eat oranges. 5. Orange smells can reduce the pressure on people's psychological, help women overcome nervousness. 6. Oranges contain cellulose and pectic substances, can promote the intestinal peristalsis, be helpful for clear bowel aperient, eliminate harmful substances in the body. 7. Orange peel also contain certain orange peel oil, effective for chronic bronchitis. 8. , according to a research institute study drank three cups of orange juice can increase high density lipoprotein in vivo, HDL) The content, so as to reduce the risk of heart disease.
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