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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
Oral health care products is expected to integrate industry resources standard industry development of toothpaste industry < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:40 < / p> < p> since nearly a period of time, frequent toothpaste industry 'triclosan carcinogenic', '' diglycol overseas disputes, and illegal certification banned YaFang group events, causing domestic toothpaste companies faced the crisis of lack of consumer trust. The news that the ministry of health is in conjunction with relevant departments to formulate the measures for the management of oral health care products certification and standards, the state will develop a set of strict authentication and evaluation procedures, to promote the comprehensive standardization of Chinese toothpaste industry. < / P> < P> many market participants to believe that the domestic toothpaste market is about to usher in a new round of industry shuffling. According to the personage inside course of study, before one phase appear a barrage of the toothpaste, is because the Chinese toothpaste caused by the lack of safety standards and certification standards. Japan chamber of commerce in guangdong province, deputy secretary general GuJun said the ministry of health in haste specification toothpaste raw material to produce the new standard, the biggest motivation is to strive to quickly retrieve the negative impact of defective products. Therefore, this new standard come on stage and not to solicit opinions from toothpaste enterprise and relevant industry associations, which led to the majority of enterprises to the new standard of the upcoming know nothing. < / P> < P> the author visited several toothpaste enterprises both at home and abroad, then further confirm the above statement. Including procter & gamble China, both sides of the needle, blue sky six necessarily cure of Chinese and foreign toothpaste production enterprise has said that it had not received official notification, not to judge the influence degree of the standard. And according to participate in the standard setting of panax notoginseng toothpaste manufacturers in guangxi wuzhou the magnificent group planning center is introduced, the measures for the management of the main raw materials, the related formula will be manufactured in toothpaste content of health control, Chinese herbal medicine proportion standard specification strictly, in order to prevent some companies with only care concept product hype, harm consumers' rights and interests. < / P> < P> 'new standards purpose is not to set up trade barriers, but from the point of view, to promote the development of industry long-term health will help the industry state from disorderly to orderly competition gradually in the direction of the transformation. 'Guangxi wuzhou JiaoNing think the magnificent group planning center manager, the new standard of official standards can be seen as the future of toothpaste production, will be conducive to national toothpaste enterprise resource integration, thus further transfer, production efficiency and the influence on the foreign capital enterprise and constraints will increase accordingly. < / P> < P> in addition, many domestic enterprises in an interview also agree with this view, and argues that due to reasons such as consumption habits, domestic enterprises in the production of Chinese herbal toothpaste is closer to the market demand, so the ability to adapt to the new standard will be more strong, help to create the industry as a whole to foreign competition ability. < / P> < P> but the blue sky six necessarily cure toothpaste factory officials said, because of the influence of the previous conflicting policies from different departments, in Beijing, not received oral cleaning products association under the premise of formal notification, the ministry of health to unilaterally introduced the measures for the administration of oral health care products certification, the current will not have practical impact to the enterprise production. < / P> < P> for domestic companies, welcomed the new standard of the average GuJun believes that the release of a new standard to clear of the small business through market means, but in the short term there will not be the result of the industry reshuffle. In addition, for the foreign capital enterprise, is likely to push its low-cost Chinese herbal toothpaste products to market strategy to adjust, but system impact is not big. And it is important to note that the new standards, in fact, has changed the past practice of toothpaste products quality supervision is given priority to with food and drug administration, and unified the ranks of the ministry of health management. < / P> < P> source: China international beauty network < / P> < P> < / P>
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