Opportunities for globalization of daily chemical OEM

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-13
Some experts predict that China will become a global OEM production base in the next few years. Indeed, due to China's special national conditions, it is rich in people and materials. In 2016 alone, China received about 2 trillion US dollars of business from the global OEM market. The daily chemical industry is one of the fastest industries in the near future. With the construction and production of a number of large-scale daily chemical production bases, its equipment, production capacity, technology and related supporting facilities have been recognized by foreign manufacturers, the current manufacturing level of China Daily chemical industry, the quality of manufacturing workers and the manufacturing cost have become quite competitive in the global economic circle. It can be said without hesitation that China will have the absolute advantage of becoming the heart of the world's daily chemical manufacturing industry in the future. The necessity of globalization of daily chemical OEM. At present, the biggest problem in China's daily chemical products is the serious homogenization of products. Focusing on production instead of market is the current characteristics of China's daily chemical manufacturing industry, as a result, China has a strong production capacity, but it has not made good use of it. If domestic OEM enterprises can cooperate with foreign enterprises, they can not only make full use of their production technology advantages and equipment production capacity, but also obtain economic benefits and professional development as soon as possible. For China's daily chemical OEM, it is now at the best time to connect with the global economy. On the one hand, with China's accession to the WTO, a large number of foreign businessmen have robbed China, and many foreign businessmen want to move the manufacturing link to China; On the other hand, at present, the Chinese government is doing everything possible and sparing no effort to adjust the industrial structure to guide domestic enterprises to develop towards internationalization. On the other hand, China has a complete industrial chain, with greater price advantages in raw materials, production bases, labor and power, and lower comprehensive costs. Many factors determine the unlimited prospect of the globalization of daily chemical OEM. For the reason of foreign OEM in China, the dependence of foreign production links on Chinese manufacturing has reached a fairly high level. Obviously, the primary factor for foreign manufacturers to find OEM cooperation in China is that they have cheaper comprehensive costs in China, thus making the price of the whole product more advantageous in the market. Foreign manufacturers look for OEM companies in China and transport their products to foreign countries. This cost includes not only raw material costs and production and processing costs, but also international logistics costs and related costs of some import and export procedures. However, overall, foreign manufacturers still feel cost-effective in terms of price and cost. General Manager Wang of Guangzhou Yinong Cosmetics Co. , Ltd. said: 'In the United States, some of the same raw materials are several thousand yuan more expensive per ton than China. Processing a toothpaste in China, excluding all the costs, is often much cheaper than processing a toothpaste in the United States. 'Of course, in addition to this price advantage, Chinese OEM products have also attracted many developing countries in terms of quality. Because some developing countries do not have good production equipment and technology, and China's raw materials, labor and other resources determine that China's products are much cheaper than European and American products, so, china has naturally become the main base for processing and importing daily chemical products in these developing countries.
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