Operators can apply for grade hairdressing consumption is no longer & Confused

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Operators can apply for grade hairdressing consumption is no longer & Confused into the star hotel, people can enjoy the 'star' service, then into the different levels of beauty parlor, will also enjoy the benefits of different services. The reporter learns from ningbo trade, the ningbo beauty salon rating regulations will come into effect on June 1. Status: lack of industry standards, according to preliminary statistics, ningbo beauty salon industry association of ningbo city a total of more than 4000 beauty parlor, different technique skills, instrument equipment, etc, caused the whole market is not a relevant departments approved standard, so that many consumers only 'daze' consumption. A lady tells a reporter, she had a shop in boat meng SAN village made a hair and scalp after foaming, the staff said that it belongs to the normal phenomenon, can eliminate in a few days, did not expect the next scalp blister is more serious, after to go to the hospital to heal. But the store refused to pay medical bills, the woman called 12315 appeal. And individual women to salon wash eyebrow, the hotel promise can wash three times, washed several times but no result. The reporter understands from ningbo 12315 reporting center, from September 26 to May 25, received 124 complaints of hairdressing. Concerned personage thinks, cause these phenomena, mainly the lack of a corresponding standard. Standard: box can not have locked device standards and service quality, technical requirements, security, environmental protection requirements, health and the product quality requirements for the rules. Security requirements including beauty salon places shall not set any locked partition, cabins, rooms and VIP rooms, room shall not set up the room, place the doors and Windows should use colorless transparent glass, flat glass box frame shall not be higher than under the ground 1. 3 meters, glass doors and Windows can not install door curtain, curtain, and influence the paste paper or design of the line of sight; Requirements including towel, hair put health, beauty bedding a guest a change, and in a timely manner in accordance with provisions for cleaning and disinfection, has special sterilization room, steam and electricity or ultraviolet disinfection cabinet. Each of the barber tools and disinfection box must be equipped with a haircut, do a guest a disinfection. Level: industry can be a review of the four levels in addition to formulate industry standards, to arouse the enthusiasm of operators, and relevant departments also set up a rating system. According to the scale of the enterprise, building decoration, facilities, etc. , beauty parlor can be divided into super, primary, secondary and tertiary. Enough level of a business area of at least 100 square meters, equipped with the customer consulting area, recreational area, customers have counters preservation customers clothes, employees change clothes, lounge, salon, Beauty) Equipment investment instrument not less than 100000 yuan. Must have ventilation, heating and refrigeration facilities. And a certain amount of flowers and dried flowers. Has used separately for men and women in the toilet. Must provide free local call and the charge long distance phone call. Implementation: services are not satisfied with complaints as we have learned, from June 1, the standard rating need to apply by individual beauty parlor, trade, technical supervision, hygiene supervision, public security bureau, industrial and commercial bureau, labor bureau and beauty salon industry association in accordance with the relevant rules for comparison. According to introducing, rating, will forge a charge standard, high-grade fee increase. Standard, the price will be the public, consumers can supervise, and clearly consumption. City Wu Yingzhang hairdressing association President, said the aesthetic is intangible, is mainly composed of workers and consumers as agreed. If customers are not satisfied with the service, you can write your opinion on the store's guest book, or by calling the city service industry management departments complaints, after authorities will investigate, give customers a satisfactory answer.
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