Open the right way of facial mask

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
When it comes to skin care, believe that the majority of male compatriots think of is to apply face film, so now that is the way guys can immediately think of, nature is the most simple technique. However, professional cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer XJ Beauty here to tell you, this mask is not everybody imagination of so simple, just a matter of not apply, most of the time, when you apply face film, is often too casual, simply apply a every day, in fact, the way you improper, the effect of face film not does not matter, and they were afraid it damage your skin, so today we processing cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers XJ Beauty to tell you some easy to apply face film of traps: a, tired face film directly apply on the face is so simple? Of course not! Apply face film cannot be directly put the mask on the face, you need to clean your face first, at the time of cleansing, your skin will be open pore, clogged pores of dirt, removed the skin on your face can be better to absorb the mask of water and nutrients, so, don't be lazy, apply face film must have a wash first, put the mask GongGongZhengZheng posted on their face. Second, mask the better the thinner absorbed a lot of people in choosing a facial mask, can choose thin that, think it on the face is very comfortable, in fact, this idea is wrong, you thin mask when doing the facial mask is relatively easy, but the thin film of face of the lock water rarely, soon dry, absolutely no provide sufficient water and nutrition to your face, in addition, the thin film of face of to clear the keratin in pore effect is very poor, so, you're using some mud shape face mask, as far as possible to be thicker a bit 1/8-inch-thick. Apply face film actually pays attention to very much, if you are not careful in these myths, then you apply the mask effect, of course, is unable to truly achieve its effect. Three, apply mask to face every day is too sensitive to believe that a lot of girls feel, only apply face film, face more moist, but it is not like that, everyone's face can absorb nutrients and moisture is certain, when you apply face film everyday, instead of too much moisture and nutrition can bring great burden to your face, these absorb not to drop something on your face, can only be to produce a negative stimulus, time is long, you of the face become very sensitive, come into contact with something with a stimulus, easily allergic reaction, so the mask it is good to do a few times a week, every day, don't apply.
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