Open a beauty salon need to apply for to deal with the formalities

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
1, apply for business license due to operators are self-employed and private enterprises, so the formalities that register also slightly different. Soho of soho registration: registration of general procedure is: the application, acceptance, examination and approval, the license. Private enterprise registration: private enterprise refers to the means of production and the property is owned by for-profit economic organization. 2, will have to open a bank account of the operators of the money deposit into your selected bank and open bank account. 3, deal with the legal person code certificate, according to the needs of modern management and protection of the power of the enterprise as a legal person shall be inviolable, operators need to local technical supervision departments or relevant departments to deal with the legal person code certificate. Apply for organization code certificate, issued by the enterprises shall be submitted by the Ministry of Commerce and industry business hot, carrying unit official seal and legal representative ( Head) And the id of the agent, the higher level department in charge of code certificate, or copy. 4, and 5 of the tax registration to revenue, health permit to health epidemic prevention station for 6, deal with to the commodity price departments charging permit applications open registration form after you had completed the above procedure, marks the company needed the approval of the various functional departments have completed, can to the district administration for industry and commerce to handle the individual and industrial and commercial door applications enterprise registration form ', ready to date for the opening. To open a beauty salon, somewhat complicated formalities? , of course, this is totally relying on operator he single-handedly makes process, if you want to save trouble, you can also find specialized brokerage business company to undertake the multifarious work program, authorized by him to give you deal with the above matters. And the efficiency of the brokerage business company than you will be a lot faster, but understanding enterprise's bid to host the program is very necessary.
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