On the face long spot reason and spot with liquorice spot whitening cream

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
Face long spot reason and spot with liquorice spot whitening cream 'spot' refers to the so-called produced in the skin surface, the shape is irregular, not uplift has color rash phenomenon, is pigment barrier skin problems. Face long spot formed by multiple factors, in addition to genetic, sun exposure, caused by improper use of cosmetics melanin deposition, there are various kinds of pathological pigment metabolism disorder caused by facial spots. Other viscera function disorder, qi and blood stasis is also a big factor. Guangzhou noble elegant cosmetics factory under a detailed analysis on the face long spot. 1 a, internal factors, pressure: when people under pressure, can secrete adrenaline, prepare for to cope with stress. If long-term stress, the body metabolic balance is destroyed, supply tends to slow the nutrition for the skin, chromoplast could become very active. 2, hormonal imbalance: the female hormone estrogen in birth control pills, can stimulate got better cell secretion and form uneven spots, formed as a result of birth control pills spots, although interruption will stop after taking the drugs, but will still stay on the skin for a long time. In pregnancy because of the increase of the female hormone estrogen, starting from 4 to 5 months pregnant will appear easy to spot, spot in postpartum most will disappear at this time. However, abnormal metabolism, skin exposed to intense ultraviolet light, mental stress, wait for a reason, can make spot to deepen. Sometimes new spot, postpartum also won't go away, so you need to pay more attention to. Grow due to hormonal imbalance spot can be used in some major aspects of drug therapy, like Ms. Au activating, amino acid etc, these things come from within to adjust spots professional drug, the curative effect is distinct. 3, slow metabolism: the metabolism of liver function abnormal or decreased ovarian function also can appear when the spot. Because the body metabolism is not smooth, or endocrine disorders in a sensitive state, pigment problem worse. Constipation can form spot, is endocrine disorders cause allergic constitution. Body state is not normal, ultraviolet irradiation accelerating the formation of the spot. 4, errors in the use of cosmetics: used is not suitable for their skin cosmetics, cause skin allergy, in the process of treatment, such as excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the skin will be to keep the outside world, in a place together with inflammation set mai ning pigment, so there will be a pigmentation problem. Second, external factors 1, uv: irradiation of ultraviolet, the human body in order to protect the skin, can produce a lot of wheat in the base layer ning pigment. So, in order to protect the skin in sensitive parts gathered more pigment. Often under the strong sunlight exposed not only promote the ageing of the skin, still can cause shading, fleck and pigmentation of skin disorders. 2, poor cleaning habits: because of strong cleaning habits make the skin become sensitive, this will stimulate the skin. When the skin is sensitive, the human body in order to protect the skin, melanin cells secrete a lot of mai ning pigment, occurs when excess pigment spots, defects such as skin pigmentation. 3, genetic: parents have long spot, in my long spot has high probability, to some extent, this kind of situation can determine is a function of genetics. So home especially elder people with long spot, attention should be paid to avoid triggering the one of the important factors of ultraviolet light, this is to prevent spots must pay attention to. The spot method: combining both inside and outside. Can through external instruments, drug treatment, can also be recuperated from the internal balance of Yin and Yang hand, dredge meridian, qi and blood, so as to achieve the spot to raise colour the effect. Special spot features: the spot choice, hospital outpatient service, beauty salon also have corresponding Chinese medicine spot spot treatment, cosmetics manufacturer boxes treatment, patients can choose more advanced laser shaping technology to achieve the effect of a spot is a rich source of 'white gold' - Light fruit licorice, dispelling the spot of the world's most expensive natural whitening ingredients, give skin whitening energy and nutrients, the desalination pigment spots, improve skin unequal phenomenon, brighten skin, make skin to show a healthy net white light. Guangzhou XJ only website is a collection of cosmetics Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory processing, professional cosmetics OEM, 20 years cosmetics OEM experience, has a number of national patent invention. Make Chinese luxury cosmetics manufacturer brand for you!
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