Olive oil is suitable for the use of time

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
Olive oil and beauty skin care effect is very good, but using the time also will affect the use effect of olive oil, if you want to use olive oil that protect skin, can play the maximum effect of course is in use, the best, then, when the use of good olive oil? Olive oil well because of our skin in the evening in the night, the absorption capacity will double growth, and olive oil is rich in nutrition, so at night use can improve the effect of the use of olive oil, also can let the skin to absorb more nutrients. Wake up the next day, the skin becomes moist and elastic. And at night the skin's ability to repair also will increase, long-term use of olive oil in the evening, anti-aging effect will be better. Good olive oil is used after washing a face in the olive oil is best used after washing a face, so that the skin and dirt from the pores are being cleared away, will not affect the use effect of olive oil, skin will be faster. And because olive oil is oil, if the face is not clean, so it is easy to cause the clogging in the pores. Olive oil after filling water use but after using the hydrating mask and hydrating products, immediately use olive oil, can have very good water lock effect, because olive oil itself does not have the function of the filling water, but oil with water retention, lets not go in the water is not easy to drain, can for a long time to keep the water embellish skin condition. Olive oil can also be used to make up before makeup before use olive oil, after using the cream, use isolation before the first one or two drops of olive oil on the face, so that we can make the skin more lubrication, at the same time also will be more easy, also can let makeup look more break. Finally tell you that the most appropriate use of olive oil season is winter, because olive oil moisturizing effect is very strong, and dry in winter, especially in the dry climate of the north, and loss of skin moisture quickly, while the use of olive oil can have the water lock effect, keep skin water embellish.
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