Oily skin skin care tips, remember to collect

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
The ancients cloud: 'my fair lady gentleman good qiu', the beautiful young girl, is the pursuit of men. Women will face if skin is oily, grease, cover the beautiful faces, damage features. Then how to make your skin become relaxed and clean to let a person envy? Women what oily skin skin care steps, aiming at this problem, some girls would choose a containment cleanser, clean facial skin, and some women with the method of makeup, covers grease with vanity. Everyone's skin is different, the method is also different, but the effect is not ideal. Is the job for her small below used the simplest the most effective oily skin skin care steps. A: regulate accuse oil food should eat more good inhibit oil secretion in the body, food choices will have to, to reduce oil secretion food must eat more, towel gourd, water chestnut, lemon, red jujube, cabbage, can reduce blood cholesterol levels, break down fat, help containment, help clean the intestinal tract, meal can't be little! There is also a also want to do, eat less warm, spicy diet and grease food more, such as: cake, sunflower seeds, instant noodles, Chinese prickly ash, black tea, and so on. Food is good for the body charged with oil, and reduce the secretion of less food, on both sides, oil come from? Is less visible every day. 2: adjust the living habits of into the habit of accusing oil tight oppression will accelerate the grease is secreted, the good life habit is very important, such as: with moisturizing toner with good effect, hot bubble foot, massage, pay attention to prevent bask in, sleep 8 hours, try not to stay up late oh, etc. 3: to choose the most cleansing can regulate oil and water balance cleanser cleansing care is the most important step to remove the oil. Regardless of the diet, living habits, control cleanser the wrong choice is no way to get out of the oil control. So the choice of cleanser is cannot careless, the most effective improvement to reduce oil cleanser is high purity amino acid cleanser: restore skin naturally transparent, remove dark yellow, soft containment, anti-aging, improve skin transparency, fade out fine lines, regulate oil and water balance, and so on. Well these few simple steps above the hope can help you, don't despise the oh, skin looks be like simple, but used it, the most important thing is in oh, angel goddess image be promoted.
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