Of beauty cosmetics generation processing: five money and cheap cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
Use cosmetics to make everyone become beautiful, of course, the price of the cosmetics also have high low, also have positive and negative effect, some cosmetic effects were like magic, but its price is expensive. And most people don't have such consumption ability, but we all have a love beautiful heart, so have the sort of cheap cosmetics? Today will give you recommend 5 is suitable for mass consumption level of inexpensive cosmetics manufacturer: 1, the PONY EFFECT feeling tight muscle non-trace foundation the foundation also pretty strong EFFECT, very water embellish, dry skin can also be used, is just coming up will be very false white, to later will slowly melt into nature color, medium strength of block defect containment force is good! Won't dry ~ 2, 8 MEMEBOX lubricious eye shadow color is very practical! Daily commute date with get ~ pretty close, fine quality, and the comparison, but with a flash powder, slightly overall price is pretty high ~ 3, xuan to snails snail which is refined mask a mask, from China, henan has a large natural snail farm, natural snail concentrate is their one's speciality. I have been to China last year, a friend recommended to me, out of a box of really can't resist the buyback, natural snail concentrate nourish, make the skin tight and smooth, make makeup more break, inexpensive super handy mask. 4, the simple sense of benefit dandelion liquid blush my face more moist, can also be used as a makeup, transparent thin with a light pink can fade uneven tone, can use after makeup makeup before, make skin appear transparent shiny gloss, full of vitality and a twinkle in her eyes! ! ! ! 5, shiseido SPOTSCOVER concealer moist, well, a little can paint a lot of places, block defect degree also enough, is a comprehensive concealer. Can effectively cover facial spots and fine lines, freckles, spots, blackheads and acne, black rim of the eye, redness and swelling, lumps, fine lines can effectively cover ~ ~ improve local dark complexion, make makeup effect more enduring and more stereo effect, make you show immaculate appearance! By this time someone will ask, that should go to where to buy? Buy to look for the regular processing cosmetics manufacturer factory production of ~
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