OEM processing of cosmetics: why do so many people choose freeze-dried powder now? -XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-05
OEM processing of cosmetics: why do so many people choose freeze-dried powder now? When you come into contact with the cosmetics industry, you will find that 10 people have 8 choices for freeze-dried powder. Why do so many people choose freeze-dried powder OEM now? What is freeze-dried powder and what is its effect? What is its powerful effect? First, what is freeze-dried powder? Freeze-dried powder is a sterile powder injection made by freezing the liquid medicine into a solid state in a sterile environment and vacuumizing to sublimate and dry water. The water in the liquid medicine is frozen in advance by the vacuum freeze-drying method of the freeze dryer, and then the frozen water in the liquid medicine is sublimated in a vacuum sterile environment to obtain freeze-dried freeze-dried dry powder. In short, in the low temperature environment, the water inside the liquid medicine is pumped, and the original drug effect is retained, and the beauty product with the effect of repair is retained. Freeze-dried powder is a freeze-dried natural plant. Freeze-drying treatment can effectively remove water from plant raw materials without destroying its nutrient characteristics. In addition, it can also stably preserve the natural active ingredients in the product. Note: freeze-dried powder is two bottles, one bottle is liquid and the other bottle is in powder form. It can repair damaged skin, regain energy for cells and keep skin young. Second, what is the effect of freeze-dried powder? The original freeze-dried powder has a good repair effect on the skin. It can promote the growth and reproduction of skin tissue. It regulates the division, reproduction, growth and differentiation of Skin epithelium, endothelium and stromal cells and promotes cell metabolism by combining with specific receptors on the cell surface; It can promote the rapid growth and reproduction of cells related to skin damage, and regulate the synthesis, secretion and decomposition of intercellular matrix; It can promote the regeneration of cuticle cells, accelerate the repair of cuticle and matrix layer of skin, and promote the growth of human skin cells; It can delay the aging of skin cells, promote the repair and growth of epidermal cells, and make skin smooth and plump. In view of the past use of cosmetics peeling and bad ingredients caused by the cuticle thinning, red blood exposed, fragile, easy to red, itchy and other phenomena have a super good repair effect. After sun exposure, the skin is red and swollen, peeling, slightly burned, and even solar dermatitis has a very good effect on the repair after sun exposure, quickly replenishing water to the damaged skin and adding cutin and deep repair, in general, obvious effects can be seen in 24 hours. See! The effect of freeze-dried powder is so powerful that now I know why so many people choose freeze-dried powder OEM! Compared with other products with skin repair effect, it can only be said that the repair ability of freeze-dried powder is too strong. In the future, the share of freeze-dried powder in the market must not be a small number.
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