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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
The situation of the OEM market development < p> 2017 - 09 - 25 09:53:00 < / p> as FMCG market, skin care products industry to some extent, also can be set to hold the market brand. There are about 20000 cosmetics brand, but only about 3000 has a production capacity of skin care products companies, and not every cosmetics enterprise or brand has manufacturing plants of the genus since, skincare brand of booming trend has promoted cosmetics OEM OEM business is busy, at present, China's cosmetics OEM market is still in the number of accumulation, has not yet reached essentially the leap, but has begun to appear some telltale signs of change. The world began to cosmetics manufacturer OEM giant into the Chinese market, the third party production in China. The so-called third party production, mainly for entering domestic other foreign cosmetics companies, under the environment of high import duties, domestic foundry clearly can compress costs more. More and more to join, foundry enterprises between similar companies will be more competitive in the field of sales, save development cost, shorten new product development time, grasp the latest trend of product becomes the new topic, and to have ability to develop cutting-edge technology and proprietary formulation of OEM enterprises will be the first choice of the cosmetics products business. China's cosmetics industry OEM is the product of the market demand, will be with the development of the market demand and growth. Therefore, strengthen the service is aimed at the demand of the development direction of OEM business. With the development of the domestic cosmetics market matures, the OEM enterprise gradually to the development of ODM with independent core technology, began to form their own scientific research team, research and development has its own formula and technology, as a result, for finished goods, can put more focus on marketing and service.
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