OEM is brand customers 'CPU'

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-24
Cosmetics OEM factory in the whole industry chain in the basic influence, if the beauty skin care industry is described as a high-speed operation of computer, cosmetics OEM factory is 'CPU' on this computer, choose perfect cosmetics OEM factory, at least be able to deal with the three fundamental problems: assist brand customers, quality, quality is the life of the brand, brand customers authorize cosmetics OEM factory, after thoroughly access to ensure the quality, because the cosmetics OEM factory, created a 'quality person' as the management of quality certification system, the dealers, raw materials, production, testing, freight logistics, after-sales service level standard operation, such as ring under the support of the man-machine material method, with internal control, sampling and testing for plasmid vector, ensure the brand quality in the production stage is in good condition. Second, the output production of brand harm to the economic benefits of the brand. As cosmetics OEM factory, the production is the overall strength, can immediately help brand customers deal with production problems. Because in the production, cosmetics OEM factory more perfect, to automation technology to production, can be used to blow potting cutting automation machinery, with equipment to replace artificial service, improve production efficiency. Ensure 'roaring toward the enemy', to keep the efficiency mechanism. Three, the kinetic energy of the cosmetics OEM factory management ability and the overall strength is kinetic energy. In technical training, rapid adaptation and so on aspects have perfect emergency plan, time is tight, daily task will try my best, all the staff, painstakingly, become a normal practice, production dispatch meetings, early meeting, youth league group will system perfect, the kinetic energy in the rural grassroots released all aspects. Supervisors supervise subordinates, level 1 level 1 level supervision; The rules and regulations tube person, steps of system of supervision. All rights reserved: http://www. gdoqsh。 com/( Guangdong XJ Beauty technology co. , LTD. ) Reprint please indicate the
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