OEM has brought the domestic cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Is the most ideal OEM cosmetics production areas in China. First of all, our country has the world's largest cosmetics manufacturer consumer market, the cosmetics production enterprise is full of temptation. Products of foreign brands in China is 'the advantage', are of great help to quickly enter the Chinese market; Second, our country has abundant resources, cheap labor force, can directly reduce the production cost; Third, after years of development, many domestic cosmetics production has reached the international cosmetics production enterprise standards. 'OEM production mode objectively said should be a 'win-win' cooperation. 'One industry source said that foreign cosmetics brands in the choice on OEM factory has strict procedures and requirements, such as plant equipment is advanced, whether health standard, how comprehensive research and development ability, whether to have special technology, whether there is a professional qualified personnel, comprehensive factors such as price is reasonable. Selection and domestic and international brand cosmetics enterprise cooperation, are of great help to enhance the level of the domestic cosmetics production. Some cosmetics production enterprises engaged in OEM, said in such cooperation, enterprises in personnel training and management are improved. Foreign cosmetics companies choose Chinese companies as OEM partners, the processing plant built in China, in order to reduce labor cost, environmental cost and material cost. China's labor price are relatively cheap foreign many, many materials and resources to use local materials also reduces the production cost, at the same time, also will be left out in the country of environmental pollution. So, even raw material can be shipped to China, made in China to repatriate points after filling and packing and then exported to all over the world, its cost is much lower than in the domestic production.
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