OEM cosmetics manufacturing plant grow only: this is what reason is caused?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16

even if the present national pipe cosmetics OEM enterprise growing, only by querying the state food and drug administration found cosmetics enterprise production permits, the local cosmetics OEM from nearly 3000, more than 2000 growth OEM enterprises grow, presents a thriving scene.

a, niche brand rise cosmetics OEM manufacturing

as consumer demand tends to refinement, cosmetics manufacturer category segment 'profitable'. In the past two years, web celebrity economy driving the development of the cosmetics market is particularly obvious, an executive at a famous cosmetics OEM contract told reporters: 'in 2018, cosmetics market has appeared more than ten thousand kinds of new item, this represents a few dozen million behind the market. '

at present, with the downward trend in foreign big shop sign sales have slightly, the niche brand are explosive growth, single category in the' spring '. The executive said: 'the next three to five years, with the maturity of the market, through social marketing methods, such as electric business grow grass, the little red book, niche brand enough on a par with the big brands. 'Item outbreak of driving the development of small and medium-sized cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer, the reporter understands, niche brand due to the order quantity is less, due to the expiry of the row of a consortium, no excess production line, and choose not to receive or delayed. In the case of 'big love', many small and medium-sized OEM companies choose to share the task, so the niche brand market environment, decided the cosmetics OEM is the inevitable trend of future development.

the reporter understands, because of the huge market niche brand, many OEM enterprises began to participate in the 'web celebrity hatch' the project, from the early planning, bred to the product, finally to promote the investment entity.

2, new plant derived 'new service'

in the traditional sense, the OEM enterprise is composed mostly low-key, watched one research and development for the customer to bring flowers and applause, OEM business is also pleased 'focusing of making a fortune'. And with the increasingly fierce competition in domestic cosmetics generation processing areas, OEM enterprise also start to look for word of mouth effect, in the customer's psychological identity behind, is a reflection of the generation of processing enterprises for the future role transformation.

for cosmetics manufacturer companies, brand optimization is largely accomplished through consumption data, beauty industry research institute, co-founder of don't eastern part said: 'at present, in the era of big data, product data, brand and consumption data can greatly help the factory party to choose goods. 'Based on this, the OEM enterprise for data analysis, launch item suitable for the market.

a cosmetics in domestic processing factory as an example, through the selection of big data more popular products on the market, according to different needs of customers to launch the products meet their conditions, after a series of product training to customers, through the promotion of the product on the market. 'Do a few products, turns head high is king' the factory executives told reporters, only to your customer's brand culture success, to get word of mouth and identity.

so, a good brand and product, deciding the success or failure of social electricity you do business. Do social electricity there is no effective way is very difficult, and the OEM business is keen caught this, through continuous to give customers the course of training, let the customer little detours, started marketing with the fastest time, and can the marketability.

three, cosmetics OEM production automation is the trend of The Times

in the future, is the best feature of OEM production and efficient automated production. From the point of the traditional manufacturing industry, because the 'people' the spontaneity of error, thereby causing loss to the products is immeasurable. For this reason, many OEM enterprises by importing advanced equipment, to significantly reduce the human error, especially in the key position in the machine to replace the human work, from the earliest 'dialogue' into 'man-machine dialogue'.

guangdong as cosmetics making big province, where 70% of the factory in guangzhou, basically the government to crack down on more strict, and industry insiders have believe will become OEM enterprise's development prospects are very harsh, future cosmetics OEM enterprise will become less and less, but by today, bringing small make up sharing, think it is not original?

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