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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
OEM cosmetics has whitening skin care knowledge < p> OEM cosmetics - 2018 07 - 25 10:09:49 OEM cosmetics manufacturer < / p> small make up of simple whitening skin care knowledge for everyone. Most women choose whitening products, basic it is to choose the big brand. Big brands in reputation, quality and efficiency are good. However, many women are ignored, suits own skin is the most important. First of all to understand the most need to strengthen the skin whitening, can be targeted choose suitable for cosmetics manufacturer, let you of the whitening effect is better and more obvious. In addition, the skin need most is not only prevent bask in, more importantly, repairing and whitening the skin after sunburn. Skin types generally fall into four spots skin types, easy to black skin type, dark skin type, type of ripe age the skin. Type of skin is not black spots even partial white, but the two buccal partial dry skin, in zygomatic place have obvious spots, shallow spots in winter, summer will deepen, and more. Easy genetic predisposition is partial black skin, black skin type melanin cells also is more, it's easy to turn black and white is not easy to come back. Dark skin type, generally because of uneven cutin thick, cutin flaking, cannot reflect light, let skin appear dull and opaque or poor circulation, blood oxygen content is insufficient, make skin appear gloomy not bright. Skin type ripe age of age 35 years of age or older, because of slow metabolism, and loss of collagen, make the melanin in the skin is not easy to rule out, relaxation and fine lines at the same time, the poor will also make the light refraction, caused the shadow on the face, looks secretly. Whitening cosmetics is almost every female adult supplies, there are many without makeup on whitening cream, concealer, foundation, powder, calm makeup powder, powdery cake, mask and so on many products, too, must have every women don't know how to choose beautiful white product. In view of the above whitening skin care knowledge, can make you better solve the skin problems. There will be other whitening skin care knowledge, you can search online, also can seek advice OEM cosmetics manufacturer, we communicate with each other. A white covering three ugly, whiten skin is every girl's pursuit, the pursuit of whitening like humans to the pursuit of light has never stopped.
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