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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
OEM cosmetics, cosmetic inspection and identification tag attention problems < p> OEM cosmetics - 2018 07 - 19 10:45:55 < / p> OEM cosmetics, production enterprises in the cosmetics market, must, in accordance with national health standards to health products cosmetics quality inspection, the quality qualified products qualified tags shall be attached. Without inspection or do not conform to the hygiene standards of product factory is not allowed. Full-time inspection personnel at the same time, the enterprise must have the corresponding qualifications, inspection equipment instrument number and state must meet the needs; Companies to implement effective guarantee product quality and safety inspection management system. Production is not in conformity with the national hygienic standards for cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics, according to the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' the provisions of article 27 of the product and the illegal income confiscated, and may be fined not more three to five times the illegal income. label you should indicate the product name, name, and indicate the production license number; Small package or instructions shall indicate the production date and the effective life. Special use cosmetics, shall also indicate the approval number. On may cause adverse reactions of cosmetics, you should indicate the use method and matters needing attention in the instructions. The content of the cosmetics identification tag must be and has been put on record ( The special use cosmetics) Or approved ( Special use cosmetics manufacturer) The content of the agreement. OEM cosmetics in cosmetics manufacturer labels, packaging or instruction on May note there are indications that may promote curative effect, shall not use medical terms. Identification tag is not in conformity with the provisions of the cosmetics, based on 'cosmetics identity management regulation' and other relevant provisions for processing.
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