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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Cosmetics processing factory has analyzed the mask processing considerations < p> 2018 - cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 30 17:58:13 < / p> cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer, said the mask is not so easy as you think, a good mask can win customers and boost sales, so the processing a good face film not only have to find a power generation plant cosmetics, more to understand mask ingredients, cosmetics processing factory to teach you learn to see the mask ingredients selected mask: 1, the product composition, we want to know, sorting is sorted according to add more weight to less. A good mask will add good composition, so this type of component is after many years of testing, it will have a great effect that protect skin to skin. Cosmetics OEM processing, for example, sodium hyaluronate, etc. Preservatives in 2, the mask is very need to pay attention to a, in general, the face film allergy, some related to preservatives, but in the process of face film processing, cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer will add will be very careful of preservatives, generally do not add more. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou, don't preservative bias, the state has strict standards require a preservative is the products, products in reasonable preservative won't produce harm to the skin, but also extend the preservation time. 3, in the face of numerous efficacy, hydrating effect is most obvious, so hydrating mask consumption is bigger than other effects of the mask. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou are recommended to cosmetics processing hydrating mask. In addition, the various functions of the mask can be processed. 4, good face film not only depend on the material body, but also by membrane cloth. Membrane is a non-woven material, silk material, cloth the fruit facial mask, biological fiber, tencel fiber, etc. , each film has its own advantages, suitable for different efficacy, different people, these knowledge cosmetics factory in wenzhou will be extra detail later. 5, do not covet is cheap raw materials or failed to find the mask processing plants to reduce product cost. Cosmetics processing according to the data show that consumers now focus on product price ratio is more and more low, a good mask can win customers word of mouth, can also increase sales, market share. Mask with quick effect, low price, easy to use, the use of high frequency features occupy half skincare market, so many brands are will face film products, so as to choose the mask processing.
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