Ningbo hi-tech zone, the first cosmetics production enterprise production permission

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-19
Recently, ningbo long biological engineering co. , LTD for zhejiang province food and drug administration issued the cosmetics manufacturer production license, becoming the first production permission in high-tech zone of cosmetics manufacturer production enterprise, marked the high-tech cosmetics manufacturer industry achieved zero breakthrough. To support the enterprise production of cosmetics, three-grade regulatory departments of the provinces, according to the active intervention, take the initiative to help enterprise smooth production permission. Provincial certification center organization business backbone for the enterprises to carry out acceptance, cosmetics production license check points as the main content, reference check points, to quality management, facilities, equipment, materials and products, production management, and other aspects has carried on the field inspection and information review, to ensure production process and the consistency of the rules and regulations for the problems existing in the enterprise, put forward rectification opinions one by one. Ningbo hi-tech zone for market supervision bureau certification problem for issue tracking, help enterprises to negotiate with the provincial certification center. Ningbo market regulators actively involved, have been put forward for the enterprise organization and personnel, workshop layout, a lot of valuable advice, help enterprises to complete the change of the license.
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