Night skin care tips

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Don't know if you have such an experience, after a day's work, go home at night will find their skin is full of glossy and dark heavy, don't like to go out in the morning when the brilliant. Professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer XJ Beauty thinks, this is because in many environmental stimuli and skin changes, skin continuously secrete oil oxidation, hard life also make you look more gaunt. Adjust state of skin, can let you in on the second day to have skin vitality, which involves every step of skin care process. Girls skin care is important, because it do is go to old change new job, our skin every moment in the take off of waste cells, mixed with increasingly makeup dirt, make countenance rapid aging, so the cleaning must be done as soon as possible. Covered the face skin cleaning products are not suitable for long time, can lead to facial cleanser residue, basic control in one minute is enough. To clear water flushing, additional massage, can also open pores to accelerate circulation, make the follow-up skin care effect is double. Clean over toner needs to be followed, immediately after the moment of pores is unobstructed, moisture absorption effect is excellent and easy to evaporation. Reduce moisture loss without essence. Elite high concentrations of strong moisturizing, extend effect is good so just need a little can covered his whole face, this time need a massage to let the essence on the skin. Four fingers hold the forehead to extend both sides, from chin to cheek to promote, efforts need to drive the skin. Will you double chin, sagging face all to ascend. This technique is not only for slow aging, but also for pore growth down, this is to let pore absorption. Wait until essence basic absorption stopped pushing into pressure, heating in the temperature of the hand over your face. The last is the use of creams. The use of cream in the summer or not so, but in autumn and winter are used. It is the secret of skin long-lasting moisturizing, although there are oil content is more, but it can reduce the morning after the use of glossy. It can repair let damaged skin nourishing in sleep during the day.
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