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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
01 national drug regulatory authority to increase and update the testing scheme of cosmetics manufacturer

in March, the state drug administration issued the cosmetic safety technical specifications ', add and update the test scheme of cosmetics.

the first cosmetics safety technical requirements specified in the specifications, including general requirements, test with component requirements and limited testing evaluation method, etc. should be the security risk assessment, to ensure that in the normal and reasonable and foreseeable use conditions, shall not cause harm to human body health.

cosmetics production enterprise health standards. should be scientific and reasonable production process, ensure the safety of the product. Raw materials technical requirements include cosmetics raw material name, registration number, The CAS number and/or EINECS number, INCI names, Latin names, etc. ) , purpose, scope, specifications, test methods, there may be a security risk material and its control measures. : disable components such as cadmium, mercury, 4-dioxane, methoxy scurfpea fruit vegetable and so on four kinds of material.

cosmetics should be done before the listed necessary inspection, inspection methods including related physical and chemical testing method, microbial test method, the toxicology test method and human safety test method, etc. Microbiological method: total number of colonies, heat-resistant coliform bacteria, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, mold and yeast. Toxicological test methods: skin irritation/corrosion test, acute eye irritation/corrosion test, the skin allergy test, chronic toxicity/carcinogenicity test '.

the raw material of cosmetics use chemistry rabbit corneal epithelial cell in vitro short-time exposure test, the skin allergy: regional lymph node test: DA 'the skin allergy: regional lymph node test: BrdU - ELISA, cosmetics use chemical raw materials in vitro skin allergy: direct polypeptide reaction test, all belong to new cosmetic animal alternative test methods. At present, the alternative test methods a total of six animals, corrosion resistance, light toxicity, eye skin irritation and skin sensitization toxicology alternative methods are introduced.

02 solicitation 2019 cosmetics safety technical specification revision Suggestions to inform

on May 16, China's food and drug verification research institute published about collecting 2019 cosmetics notify security specification revision suggestion.

the relevant units:

in order to further strengthen the cosmetic safety regulation, completes the technical specification for the cosmetic safety continuously revised and dynamic adjustment, according to the requirements of the state drug administration work, now public solicitation 2019 cosmetics safety technical specification revision Suggestions.

a, collecting range

collection scope including the cosmetic safety technical specifications '( The 2015 edition) And apply cosmetics test with limited component in component revision Suggestions, testing method and revising Suggestions, etc.

2, collecting requirements

( A) Revised proposals should pay attention to the necessity, urgency, based on industry present situation, for the cosmetics regulation actual service. Revised proposal content should include the type, amending purpose, scope, conditions at home and abroad ( See attachment 1 and 2) 。 At the same time support project revision of relevant scientific literature and demonstrate report and related materials.

( 2) Drug supervision and inspection departments at all levels, the cosmetics industry association, the enterprises and related scientific research institutions are revision Suggestions.

3, the collecting way

( A) In this website, please download and fill out the '2019 annual cosmetics safety technical specification revision Suggestions form' and '2019 cosmetics safety technical specifications revised project proposal' ( See appendix 1 and 2) ;

( 2) Will be completed revision suggestion list ( Excel format) , project proposal, PDF format) And related information sent by E-mail to HZPBWH @ nifdc. org。 cn; And to seal the unit after the project proposal mailed to the hospital.

( 3) Collecting deadline: collecting deadline for June 17, 2019.

( Attachment 1)

( Attachment 2)

for the 2019 revision of cosmetic safety technical specification, XJ Beauty will vigorously support, and participate in the among them, to do a socially responsible company.

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