New Year's day to dating again, your skin is ready?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
To go home after the New Year!

many single men and women,

fun already!

has no problem because home

arrange 'blind date'!

mutually close the object be prepared!

but your skin is ready? That is how to make a good impression, and then success hand in hand. If you have a skin problem, might as well while the rest of time this several days, emergency rescue yourself quickly.

XJ Beauty professional cosmetics manufacturer on the processing, has been deep in the cosmetics manufacturer industry for more than twenty years, can be said to be the Beauty makeup the 'old' the driver of the industry, the production, research and development, several of the cosmetics manufacturer and Beauty, to the problem of your skin, of course, is a piece of cake. Then to share a few make skin become good small way!

a, better sleep

the New Year, cannot leave is to stay up late, even if don't want to stay up late, but also escaped vigil, the second day wake up face will crazy acne, or dark skin without luster, this is the lack of sleep, so want to skin condition good, even if the Chinese New Year guarantee not to stay up late, so we should safeguard seven to eight hours of sleep.

2, thorough makeup

dating doesn't make up, how to shine, and makeup, makeup is not complete, cosmetic residue easily clogged pores, skin problems so just asked the time. With & quot; On the face of three base guest & quot; Known as the black head, acne, acne is collected. There are no ugly women, only lazy woman, so thoroughly discharge makeup not lazy oh.

3, deep clean

whether it is oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin, every day we cannot leave is 'deep cleaning'. , because of, Oil secretion) And the external cause, Pollution of the environment) Under the joint action of, if we don't deeply clean, how little skin problems.

4, hydrating

moisture is a basically with the persistence of work all the year round, and most of the time, even if busy to no makeup, then you only need to use toner can solve a lot of skin problems, so don't forget to do let skin drink enough water at any time!

( XJ Beauty many dating artifacts for you to choose)

XJ Beauty small make up a few tips, does not guarantee that your skin problems disappear completely, if can the blind date for you to add a little brownie points, that is the small make up the greatest happiness!

we are not willing to a person alone,

just to find the right partner and talk easy?

there is no such as love, only don't go out of their hard,

so single friends,

don't reject parents kindness arrangement,

even if you don't succeed,

but perhaps may therefore more than a friend.

asked: can not getting married?

small make up the words of deep feeling to share with everyone:

if the fireworks outside,

neighbors rice flavor overflow, a

the street hand in hand travel,

can you cry.

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