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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
Cosmetics processing factory briefly describes the new trends in < p> 2018 - cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer 09 - 01 16:18:24 < / p> at present domestic cosmetics enterprises compared with multinational group, capital, technology strength of power is weak. Lack of big domestic group to invest in cosmetics field, r&d spending gap is big, technology level gap is natural. If we can have a large investment in research and development, over time, cosmetic processing factory we believe that our research and development ability and technology in line with international standards. At the same time, the domestic enterprises to develop, must rely on innovation. From the aspects of synthesis of new materials is unlikely, it's not easy to surpass foreign big shop sign. So may seek to have breakthrough in other areas, such as fermentation, this field of our country and international standards in this respect, have the opportunity to break through strains filtration, etc. In addition to strengthen the research of Chinese characteristics of natural plant, we can dig out the potential of Chinese herbal medicine beauty, believe that will get some innovations. Used to cosmetics learning curriculum is simple, mainly study related to the cosmetics chemical industry, chemical industry and some microbes ( Such as anticorrosive) The knowledge of the respect. Today's cosmetics more rich content, the teaching as the cosmetics to skin mechanism research gradually thorough, the colleges and universities increased the teaching content of dermatology, cytology, etc. Today, more than the combination of biotechnology and cosmetics are increasingly, the related knowledge was also adding to the talent training. Also, the natural plant chemical, consumer psychology and so on. The knowledge we cosmetics processing manufacturers think talent reserve should be pluralism, diversity. Now cosmetics has become more and more pay attention to the effect, the imparting of knowledge will gravitate to this aspect. New materials emerge in endlessly, many on the market of raw materials has been put into use time is shorter, the unknown side effects, also need to have more research and test validation; Using high-tech skin care does in some magical effects, but whether products can reach the effect of that is still open to question, such as peptides, some as high as 500 million - price 1 billion yuan/kg, and the limit of the cost to add quantity in the cosmetics is very weak, some probably doesn't even have 1 PPM. Stem cells in the skin care is still in research stage. Cosmetics processing factory think the maternal and infant products of raw materials selection should be carefully, using a simple formula ingredients, no prominent effect, can develop custom from the Angle of moisturizing and other basic skin care products. Pregnant women makeup this, if does not require a longer shelf life, natural plant pigment can be used as a substitute for synthetic pigment, should be more appropriate. China cosmetic industry along with national economy since the reform and opening up the rapid boom, with 23 per year on average. Growth of 8%. The rise of makeup, industry development, cannot leave the beauty industry based people 30 years like one day to hart and struggle.
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