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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-03
New standards are needed to companies are still bullish on toothpaste certification < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:04 < / p> < p> for national YaFang group 'certification event' stop toothpaste products certification, since March 2006 has been in a state of 'vacuum'. Participated in YaFang group certification procter & gamble, two sides of the needle, cold acid spirit, Shanghai snow leopard four toothpaste brands, all have a change in product packaging, and stop all the marketing activities. But, according to the relevant parties, new certification standards have been formulated, and has begun to solicit opinions of the various aspects, but still looking forward to the new toothpaste toothpaste enterprise certification. < / P> < P> toothpaste product certification standards into the argument, in fact, the national certification and accreditation supervision and administration commission ( Hereinafter referred to as the state) And health department attaches great importance to the toothpaste product certification. And the measures for the administration of oral care products certification ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'method') Oral health supplies and certification standards, procedures and other regularity file also to draft in the first half of last year, relevant departments of the insiders revealed that demonstration work according to the process of legislation is in for advice. Recognize the guardianship information office of the people said, because the certification standard is very complex, the ministry of health standards is not the final, so also no timetable issued by the 'method', however, the regulations will be sooner or later. Compared with the health care function of toothpaste certification, certification for the quality of toothpaste is more mature. Engaged in more than ten years of the audit work in a certification body GuanJianZhong told reporters that at present there are 39 classes about enterprise management system certification, toothpaste production quality management system certification is one of the areas. And the enterprise management system certification, to the management of the enterprise product process, such as controlling the weight of each toothpaste, the technical index of the production process, such as content recognition. < / P> < P> GuanJianZhong said, actually at present about domestic product certification, also mainly concentrated in the 3 c product range. And given the previous YaFang group events, the particularity of toothpaste products prompted authorities will be introduced in the field of oral health a special product standards. < / P> < P> authority to sign on the market in our country at present there are hundreds of toothpaste production enterprises, but only 10% of the toothpaste products with scientific and technological content, which made the industry competition is fierce. Because of this, quite a number of toothpaste manufacturers have expressed the hope that through the certification to enhance the competitiveness of their products. 2003 Shanghai snow leopard obtained FE enzyme product certification, in spite of the toothpaste certification was called off after three months, Shanghai snow leopard, recycling and again shipping cost more than 10 million yuan, but the company's chairman TongYu still affirmed the role of the certification of product sales. TongYu said that after the certification of the next year, originally unknown snow leopard toothpaste in the country has become a well-known brand, sales rose by 25% to 28%, at the same time the work of national investment promotion is more smoothly. < / P> < P> two once certified companies - — Two needle and unilever rejected although in toothpaste certification issue news media interviews, but the news spokesmen for the two companies are waiting for the new certification system, the future will continue to product certification. < / P> < P> certification fee is fair and transparent, is the enterprise can adopt an important standards for certification. Snow leopard was certified by YaFang group spent 10 million yuan, the 'certification is the most main link testing, product testing to produce the cost of 30000 yuan to 50000 yuan, the next expert cost and material cost no more than 30000 yuan, plus certification institution reasonable profit, the fee should be in 80000 yuan to 100000 yuan. 'TongYu for a certification price ten million yuan also expressed its strong displeasure. < / P> < P> the health products on the international certification of the authority is the United States food and drug administration ( FDA) The health product certification. Certification experts suggest that toothpaste product certification even healthy function has not yet been established, the enterprise can also through other ways to establish their quality image authentication. In our country, toothpaste products can by general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine 'China famous brand product', or by a year the cognizance of the toothpaste class 'nation inspection-exempted products' to gain a sense of product quality approval. < / P>
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