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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-26
New retail | break the traditional retail model and help beauty stores improve their performance! Relying on the Internet, we can realize the sustainable development of traditional beauty business through the combination of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies and offline experience. Simply put, it is to use technology to solve problems such as customer extension, publicity and management online, and experience to solve problems such as difficult customer retention and difficult transaction offline. The combination of online and offline has formed a perfect new retail model, saying goodbye to the disadvantages of no experience online and bottleneck offline. This should be the new retail in the beauty industry. The occurrence of new retail, new models, new scenes, new users, new consumption, new fields, new marketing and new experiences has really brought impact to all walks of life. This is inevitable and a trend. It seems that your approach is to cope with changes and update them iteratively. In essence, you still follow the old thinking and circle in the maze without finding a real exit. Let's first look at the pain points of the traditional beauty store: ◎ pain points-the price system is chaotic, promises are random, after-sales cannot keep up, customers dare not come, and there are many hidden consumptions, resulting in negative public praise. ◎ Pain point 2 after customers buy it once, they cannot renew the order again ( At the beginning, there were too many promises for sales, but they did not achieve the expected results) ◎ Pain point 3 the operation and management are complicated, the market competitiveness is large, and customers cannot stay. In the management of employees and the maintenance of customers, a lot of resources are spent, but no significant results are achieved. ◎ Pain point 4 customers are becoming more and more smart, employees are becoming more and more difficult to keep people, and discount promotion makes profits thinner. ◎ Pain point 5: The investment in opening a shop is large, the return of the shop is slow, the inventory is variable, the capital chain is tight. 'From the pc era to the mobile Internet era, and then to the artificial intelligence era, the outside world has undergone earth-shaking changes, but even the bloody reality has been placed in front of the traditional beauty people, they will still be afraid of 'not understanding' and choose not to accept it and shrink in the shell. Merchants will receive: 1. No hoarding, no need to occupy funds 2. Flash Distribution and Logistics Tracking System 3. Stable software system and full data management 4. Independently manage background and order message notification; 5. Offline experience sharing and online ordering; 6. The company provides training and activity support; 7. The price is uniform and there is no risk of disorderly price; 8. Anti-counterfeiting inquiry, one product, one code; The traditional beauty store has reached a period of transformation. It is imperative that the store must develop well. It must have new ideas and pioneering and innovative spirit. To grow, it must reform and reform must be done. Say goodbye to the old marketing model and embrace the new marketing model. Let's look forward to a healthier and brand-new sales environment for beauty stores! Source: beauty headline
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