Need to pay attention to the myth of apply face film

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory found many small fairies after apply the mask, will immediately face the essence of the clean. Actually don't wash a face immediately after apply the mask, otherwise it will face wash all the essence, not to be absorbed by the skin. Many small fairies are found, after apply the mask to the skin is very tender, but on the second day back to the previous state, this is because after apply the mask immediately wash a face, make the essence of the mask to deep skin. If not let skin deepness every time, when our skin water in apply face film is very easy to appear facial tingling. Properly apply the mask, it is redundant essence on your face, then cooperate with certain massage technique, from bottom to top in facial massage, this can make our skin with elastic, and can keep skin lasting water embellish. We all know that the time apply face film is in 15 to 20 minutes, some girls skin is dry, may be less than 15 minutes, the mask has change trend of dry, at this time to peel it in time, can't wait for 15 minutes. Because of the dry film of face of paper apply on the face, will we don't have fully absorbed the essence of the suction surface of the skin, which is why some people apply face film more apply more dry. Another part of the small fairies might not be too dry skin, but also needs regular filling water, they are more than 20 minutes when apply face film mask is water embellish, and will extend the period of apply face film. Actually apply face film, the longer lead to face a lack of oxygen, not only make skin water embellish, instead will cause the essence be absorbed properly.
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