Myth that protect skin

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-26
We all know that there are too many skin care techniques and products, rules are multifarious, even conflicting, such as good to the skin wash a face with hot water or cold water washs a face to the skin good, many professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM is also have their own opinions, both sides each other can pull out a string like animation in exaggerated schedule comments to hurt each other, I only know that I don't use cold water washs a face I not to be able to wake up, wake me up from the bed dress to cold water before, don't wake up call ZhaShi my behavior. But these small misunderstanding on skin care must pay attention to this a few common mistakes let your mind all in vain, and kick. Cloudy weather without sunscreen I'll say it again, will hurt your skin is not visible to the naked eye the sun, on the contrary it can make you healthier, but invisible to the naked eye and the ubiquity of ultraviolet light, and it's cloudy and not rain clouds pieces, the sun has not completely offline ah, still have some of the radiation, so don't be lazy in the coating or coating. Oil will be blocked pore blocking pores is actually you don't have to wash clean dust, bacteria, blain blain is black is because the pore was blocked by dirt inside out oil, there one day to other differences between the two. More accepting pore bulky bacteria and stains, and so I said to apply some toner. Watched over by cosmetics manufacturer factory sort out skin error, do you have the feeling of an Epiphany? So say gossip or less wise to listen to, more to the whole of precisely know some don't cry because it is hearsay damage your skin care knowledge, lead to our physical health problems, to achieve healthy and beautiful!
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