Most people don't know these old maintenance view!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03
Idea 1: 'this is an old product, always ripe age the skin resistance to do homework, so it doesn't fit me' old index: u u u u u there are many reasons that cause skin aging, one of the most important thing is the external environment caused by free radicals of skin damage. As the growth of the age, the skin itself against neutralize free radicals abilities will be reduced, cell update repair function independently slowly, at this time many invisible skin damage has been gradually formed, and at the end of the 35 droopy skin surface texture and actually only presents the final state of the skin. Maintain attention to nip in the bud, so the modern theory of dermatology suggested that general after twenty years of age is about to start in the moisture at the same time pay attention to skin antioxidant, help skin to 'fresh'. Idea 2: 'no spots on the face, so don't need light spot essence' old index: u u u u u no matter what kind of spots are complex neuraminidase melanin formation of the final result after oxidation, and only with the naked eye can see. But in the bottom of skin, a lot of melanin cells also in form and slowly gathered themselves together, and this situation is called a 'hidden' spots, only time will be menacing big splash. Against discoloration, both to the disintegration of the melanin, existing discoloration, should pay attention to, from the perspective of the skin also inhibit the collaterals of neuraminidase activity, eliminate cells produce inflammation, so, no spot does not mean that everything is all right on his face. Point 3: 'sunscreen is those melodramatic talent, female man afraid of tan' old index: u u u u depending on the composition and properties, sunscreen or by physical reflection 'insulation' with skin sunscreen to ultraviolet light, or rely on chemical sunscreen contains ultraviolet absorption ingredients help and UV, prevent skin injury, either way will is to prevent ultraviolet light oxidation damage to skin. According to the wavelength can be divided into the UVA and UVB rays, UVB rays will only cause skin dark spots, but UVA can direct damage the dermis, let skin flabby, wrinkles deepened, so don't just think uv will only make the skin darkened. Point 4: 'oily acne cutin takes care, dry muscle without this step' old index: u u u u in general, beauty consultant and dermatologists recommend oily acne cutin care on a regular basis, to help prevent pore blockage, but this does not mean that the low level of the sebaceous glands of dry skin can skip this step. No matter what type of skin, in the daily maintenance work, cutin nursing is very important, because only by using spin out the aging cutin cell keratin care products, in order to accelerate skin cells, help strengthen the skin barrier function of stratum corneum, better resist from mood, environment and other various stimuli. Point 5: 'beautiful white product can let corneous layer thinner, if skin sensitive can not use the' old index: u u u in most cases, the whitening products will cooperate with some chamfer ingredients or excitant solvent, to pursuit maximum products bright skin effect into full play. But now more and more for Chinese women maintain article research and development, and medicine makeup product line has been completely avoid this problem, using the soft formula in beautiful white product, at the same time with ingredients instead of containing the indican derivatives were too 'rogue' acids, let the product in use are more moderate low stimulation, as well as the sensitive skin. 【 Cosmetics industry information small make up 】
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