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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-10
More than 1000 special forces participated in the test! Bravo sierra, which focuses on military-grade skin care products, has raised 675 US dollars. Abstract: recently, US high-performance personal care brand bravo sierra announced that it had completed 675 US dollars of seed round financing earlier this year. Recently, US high-performance personal care brand bravo sierra announced that it had completed the seed round financing of 675 US dollars earlier this year, with venture capital fund Global FoundersCapital leading the investment, canaan Partners, Mousse Partners, BoxGroup, Redo Ventures and Grace Beauty Capital participated. The specific financing Time has not been disclosed. Bravo sierra will use the financing funds to accelerate business growth and increase investment in product research and development and manufacturing. In addition, bravo sierra also announced that the brand's first military-grade high-performance personal protection series has been officially launched, including: antibacterial body wipes, shampooing/bathing/washing/shaving four-in-one cleaning foam, shaving foam, Body Balm, hair cream, facial moisturizer, facial sunscreen, lip balm, the selling price ranges from $5 to $14. The series is designed without sex, and all product formulas claim to be clean, vegan and zero cruelty. And all products have passed strict military field environmental stress tests, with more than 1000 active personnel of the U. S. special operations forces ( Army Rangers, Green Berets, seals, Navy commandos) Participating in it can meet the high-performance demand of high-intensity sportsmen for personal care products. For example, the antibacterial body wipes in this series contain biodegradable ingredients, do not contain any alcohol, and can kill 99 in 60 seconds. 9% bacteria. There is no aluminum salt or baking soda in the formula of the fragrance agent, which will not irritate sensitive skin and has all-weather deodorization effect through the special cassava root plant formula. The lip balm has been certified by the US Environmental Working Group EWG. It has no fragrance and no greasy feeling. It can repair the chapped lips through the Brazilian palm cream formula and play an all-weather protection and lip moisturizing role. Source: gorgeous beauty headline
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