More and more high-end cosmetics costs in cosmetics container

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
In recent years, the cosmetics market obtained the strong growth, especially organic cosmetics market, as people's emphasis on health, more rejection of chemical raw materials for cosmetics. Cosmetics as a kind of fashionable consumer goods, it needs high quality packaging materials, in order to enhance their social status. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in the cosmetic container, glass, plastics, metal three kind of material is the main use of cosmetic containers, cartons are commonly used for cosmetic packaging. Continue development of new materials and new processing technology, the pursuit of the new model has been in the industry for the development of cosmetic container. There are many kinds of cosmetics container of material, such as all kinds of plastic, glass, metal, etc. , with the amount of plastic and among them. The application range of the material is not only confined to the glass bottle, plastic bottles, the application of new materials has become the cosmetics industry with new products, improve a way of existing products. Glass can reduce carbon emissions, not only is a kind of environmentally friendly containers, containers and inclusions can not metamorphic deformation, permeability is not pervious to light, is a kind of perfect did not respond to any component material of container, with high-performance cosmetics, increasing demand for glass containers will increase. Foreign demand for glass bottle from last year will continue to increase, the high-end cosmetics brand in the use of glass containers. As cosmetics packaging enterprise, in view of the market trend, should be timely adjusted according to the downstream market change. As the organic cosmetics packaging requirements more stringent, cosmetics packaging container enterprise can be developed with strong organic cosmetics quality protection products, will this round of market competition, winning advantage and occupy the cosmetic packing market. For cosmetic bottles, small and medium enterprises, imitation and generation process can maintain the growth of the low speed. Will require greater efforts to break through according to the market. So in modern cosmetics production, many high-end cosmetics packaging in up to 70% of all the product cost and the birth of a new brand in the cosmetics market more to build its market position by appropriate product packaging. Appropriate packaging not only can stimulate consumer senses directly, but also the grade of the brand can be reflected incisively and vividly. At this time of the packaging has static storage development from ancient times to modern circulation medium, it extends far beyond the packaging itself for the value of the goods. In modern society, the growing emergence of new packaging materials and technology for the diversity of cosmetics packaging provides a rich resource, glass, plastic, metal is the main use of cosmetics packaging materials. Glass because of its special light effect and satisfactory weight, permeate a natural sense of delicate, and become the main material of high-grade cosmetics, for high-end cosmetics or volatile and vulnerable cosmetics fragrance, such as perfume, typically using glass bottle to packing. 419. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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