More and more cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers pay attention to the expansion of cosmetic container and lightweight

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
For cosmetic containers, cosmetics container packaging production, design and so on each link has been very mature. Thought to have a batch of domestic large scale cosmetics container production enterprises, professional production and supporting to cosmetics enterprises procurement has brought great convenience. Na plastic cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, however, think there are some aspects in need of improvement. A single cosmetics container production is very mature. But, as we all know, buy cosmetics customers in most cases seldom buy sheet is tasted, but buying a series, or combination. For these series and combination, every year some cosmetics container cosmetics manufacturer suit, through the carton. However, this set of box every year is fixed. Customers to buy at ordinary times when most of the time will not necessarily choose the limited set of boxes. Cosmetics container need to expand the packing by nature, is allows businesses to cosmetics are combined for the two sheet is tasted, and convenient to carry customer, such cosmetics appear in the container. In addition, with the development of online shopping, how to better protect the cosmetics will not damage in transit is also cosmetics container presses for solution of a problem. But for cosmetics, food, health care products such as plastic bottle reduction on technology to implement will be much more simple. In the market of this kind of plastic bottles for downstream product appearance elegant, and so on need, there has been a phenomenon of excessive packaging. Plastic bottle is generally relatively heavy. Such cases, the plastic bottle is relatively easy to weight loss. But the important point is that the plastic bottle after weight loss how to ensure the beautiful appearance, and continue to keep the bottle to the simple sense of people. When a plastic packaging was successfully after the implementation of the lightweight, in injection molding process need fewer resin material, due to the use of less packaging materials, lightweight packaging is good for environmental protection, but this is not her only advantage, lightweight packaging has malicious use of the advantages of more, such as can effectively reduce the cost of materials, etc. Many plastic container suppliers, said many of the cosmetic enterprises showed a lot of attention to lightweight, especially popular personal care products, such as using plastic bottle or plastic jars of skincare products. Usually, compared with the injection molding container, plastic bottle or plastic can easier to achieve the goal of lightweight. Lightweight plastic packaging can relieve people concern about environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more people choose packing is better, faster production, itself strong and reduce weight products, when cosmetic wholesale sales products, each the slightly reduce the dosage of resin on the package can bring considerable economic benefits for the enterprise, especially resin raw materials price under the premise of unprecedented increase, more and more enterprises of packaging lightweight issue increasingly keen interest. 409. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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