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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-25
The Moisturizing Mask OEM shows you the super-improvement of the moisturizing mask cloth. The Moisturizing Mask OEM has already become a product that is usually used by the girl, many brands of skin care products have also seen such entrepreneurial opportunities, and there are various moisturizing masks in the market. However, when the hydrating mask is processed as an agent, you should know the evolution history of the hydrating mask cloth. 1993 textile hydrating mask inventor SK- II apply the non-protective cloth to the hydrating mask for the first time. Textile hydrating mask in 2001, China's first non-woven mask can be released. Non-woven mask and hydrating mask cloth are used as plasmid carriers for the essence of load-bearing hydrating mask. Obviously, hydrating mask cloth is the basis of the development trend of hydrating mask. The traditional non-cloth-proof mask has the advantages of softness and high cost performance. Defects: poor comfort, thick and not suitable, no environmental protection. 2008 fruit fiber hydrating mask cloth fruit fiber hydrating mask cloth advantages: comfortable, strong skin sticking. Defects: poor fixed degree and easy deformation. 2009 silk mask cloth advantages of silk mask cloth: light and suitable, good water absorption and ductility. Defects: residual organic chemical objects with mixed quality. 2013 Tencel hydrating mask cloth Tencel hydrating mask cloth advantages: net transparent patch clothing, good water absorption capacity, safe production. Defects: feel slightly not smooth. 2014 long charcoal mask cloth advantages of long charcoal mask cloth: strong cleaning ability, comfort, high moisture content of air negative ions, soft clothing. Defects: The production quantity is small and the cost is increased. 2014 biological fiber mask, biological fiber mask advantages: good water absorption, strong clothing, air permeability, water seepage, low sensitivity. Defects: cost increase chitosan hydrating mask cloth in 2015 advantages of chitosan hydrating mask cloth: reduced application of additives and low sensitivity. Defects: chemical fibers are easy to break and the price is higher. Chitosan hydrating mask cloth hydrating mask cloth immediately endangers the actual effect of hydrating mask. Therefore, when the hydrating mask is processed as an agent, the hydrating mask cloth must be selected and the hydrating mask cloth label must be selected according to its own precise positioning: & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Hydrating Mask & nbsp mask oem
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